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Vintage Travel Guides Puzzle by Ravensburger Review

Last week I told you how I received a jigsaw puzzle from Ravensburger to review at the start of the month and how much I enjoyed it. It’s not often I get something to review that is just for me, so imagine my delight when I was offered another Ravensburger puzzle to review, all for me! I received the Vintage Travel Guides Puzzle, and once it arrived I couldn’t wait to dive right in.

vintage travel guides puzzle

Ravensburger have been creating puzzles for over 100 years and I’m sure most households have at least one Ravensburger puzzle. Their jigsaw puzzles now come with softclicks technology which guarantees 100% interlocking mechanism for an optimal fit of individualy formed puzzle pieces. This results in an absolutely smooth puzzle once complete.

The Vintage Travel Guides puzzle is a brilliantly colourful puzzle which depicts bookshelves filled with vintage travel guides. It was created by American artist Aimee Stewart. Self-taught, she specialises in digital painting and photo manipulation.

The book shelf in this puzzle is filled with vintage travel guides, as the name suggests, and is wonderfully colourful with some postcards hidden behind the books with really inspiring travel quotes on them such as this by Saint Augustine:

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.

Just looking at the book covers in the vintage travel guides puzzle and the places they refer to fills you with wanderlust. It’s just as well we already have some holidays planned for this year. If we didn’t I would be taking inspiration from this!

The puzzle itself is made from strong premium grade cardboard with a linen finish print to minimise glare. It has 500 pieces, measures 49 x 36cm when complete and is aimed for those age 10+.

vintage travel guides puzzle

As before with the Garden Vistas puzzle I reviewed already, I started with the border and worked my way inwards. This time around the border was slightly more difficult to put together and certain areas seemed to take longer than others. However, unlike the Garden Vistas puzzle, I didn’t seem to concentrate in one corner and complete it before moving onto the next. It seemed easier to complete small sections across the entire puzzle before final pieces brought it together.

vintage travel guides puzzle vintage travel guides puzzle

It took me just over 4 hours to complete it in total, spread across two evenings, and I thoroughly enjoyed doing this Vintage Travel Guides puzzle. Dare I say it, I enjoyed it more than the Garden Vistas, but this was probably only due to the fact that the Garden Vistas puzzle was the first one I had completed in many, many years.

What I loved about the Vintage Travel Guides puzzle from Ravensburger:

  • Quality puzzle.
  • Extremely colourful and vibrant.
  • 500 pieces which is a good amount for a novice or someone looking to get back into doing puzzles.
  • The softclick technology that produces a smooth puzzle.
  • The puzzle does feel like a premium puzzle.
  • So easy to lose several hours over and is a great way to relax and unwind of an evening.
  • The finished book shelves invokes feelings of wanderlust looking at the different places from around the world.

What I didn’t like about the Vintage TRavel Guides puzzle from Ravensburger:

  • Nothing!

I really enjoyed completing this Vintage Travel Guides puzzle from Ravensburger. It wasn’t too difficult and I found this more enjoyable than my first one, particularly looking at all the names of places around the world and thinking how wonderful it would be to visit all of them. I found it an extremely relaxing and enjoyable way to spend a few hours in the evening to help me unwind after BattleKid had gone to bed. This time around he didn’t join me on the kitchen table but did gaze in wonder the morning after I had finished it. I even got another “good girl mama” for completing my puzzle.

vintage travel guides puzzle

So if you are looking for something to while away a few hours, why not check out the full range of puzzles available at Ravensburger. This particular one retails at £7.99 and is available from Amazon.

Thanks for reading,

Cath x

*I received the Vintage Travel Guides Jigsaw Puzzle from Ravensburger for review. As Always, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are wholly my own.

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6 thoughts on “Vintage Travel Guides Puzzle by Ravensburger Review”

  1. I love a good jigsaw, but I can’t remember when I did one that wasn’t a kids one! Maybe it’s time to have another go. I love the look of this one, it looks lovely but tricky also, like the idea of having some quiet time to do it!

    • I’m going to be giving this and the other one I reviewed away on the blog so feel free to enter once I gave the post up. It was lovely taking time out from everything to relax x

  2. How lovely to get something just for you. I’d love that puzzle as I’m quite travel obsessed. I’ve always loved looking at vintage travel posters so I’m sure this is similar. A puzzle is always relaxing x


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