Who is Lolo?

You may have read or seen me refer to my Dad as Lolo but I realised I’ve never properly explained where this reference for my Dad came from.

My nephew is half Spanish and as he was growing up he couldn’t say the Spanish for grandfather, abuelo, properly (pronounced a-bwe-lo). Instead he called my Dad “Lolo” and that name has stuck ever since. So much so that my 40-year-old cousin refers to my Dad as Lolo and not Uncle!  Two of my sisters also have “Lolo” tattoos.

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Ever since BattleKid was born he’s heard me and BattleDad refer to his grandfather on my side as Lolo and all the personalised presents from BattleKid to his grandfather are addressed to Lolo. I’m in the process of trying to teach him to say it.

I think it’s a lovely alternative term of endearment and is something only my Dad has with his grandchildren. My Mum and BattleDad’s parents are Nana, Nan and Grandad respectively. Have your children got unusual or different terms for your parents that have stuck? I’d love to hear what they are and where they came from.

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  1. We call my mum Mamó (the Irish for nana) because she didn’t fancy being called the same as her mother in law! We called that nana ‘nana Gall’ which was short for Gallagher and the other ‘nana Kay’ – short for McKay. Not sure why we used surnames to differentiate 😄

  2. My kids call my grandma, more grandma because when my oldest was small he decided that because my mum is grandma she is more grandma meaning another grandma, it’s stuck for all of them and she even signs birthday cards etc from more grandma and great Granda,

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