Best and Worst Holidays ft Ladies What Travel

After a bit of a lull to get over my domain and blog name change, I have the pleasure of welcoming Keri from Ladies What Travel to the Best and Worst Holidays Series. In this blog series we hear from my fellow bloggers about some of their great holidays and some of their worst disasters.

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The Best Clothes to Pack for Lapland with Kids

As soon as we booked our trip of a lifetime to visit Santa in his home in Finland, the next thing on my mind was what we should pack for our family trip to Lapland. For a start, we live in Portugal and we’re no longer used to cold temperatures. Nor do we have any proper winter clothing. So, I’ve been doing some research to find out the best clothes to pack for Lapland with kids and what we should be bringing in our suitcases.

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The Best and Worst of Visiting Thailand With Children (Guest Post)

Beautiful Thailand offers children a window into a different culture; different experiences, food, religion, the best beaches on earth and so much more. I’m a big believer that if kids are encouraged to have their eyes open from an early age about how other people live in different countries, it’s not only good for their development, but for the future of our multicultural planet.  The Thais also live by the word SANUK, which translates roughly to mean ‘fun.’ This encapsulates exactly why it’s wonderful to travel to Thailand with children.

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Cefn Mably Farm Park

If you’re looking for a great family day out in South Wales, I know the perfect place. With everything from farm animals to a huge indoor soft play, Cefn Mably Farm Park is just the ticket. In this post I’m going to share with you one of our favourite places in South Wales and tell you should to enjoy a visit to Cefn Mably Farm Park with kids

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Wanderlust Kids #17

Welcome back to another Wanderlust Kids linky. Have you noticed anything different? I’ve finally undergone my rebrand from BattleMum to Passports and Adventures. Do you like the new name? BattleMum just didn’t fit anymore and I’m so much happier with the new name. A big thank you to everyone who has let me know they like it too. It means the world to me.

Things have been relatively quiet for us. Alex, formerly known as BattleKid, and I were in Cardiff at the beginning of October for a quick weekend and as a family, we’re returning to the UK next weekend for a quick trip. That’s our only travel plans until the big one in December. Anyway, it’s time for another round of the linky, so let’s get going.

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