How to Tell the Kids They Are Going to Lapland – Reveal Ideas

If you have booked a trip to visit Santa in his hometown and kept it a secret from your children, you are probably wondering how to tell the kids they are going to Lapland. Just how can you surprise them with this magical trip? In this post, I am sharing some great Lapland reveal ideas to help you break the news to your kids!

10 Amazing Lapland reveal ideas

Breaking the news to the kids that they are going to go to Lapland to see Santa Claus is going to be a magical moment for any parent. But how can you ensure it is truly magical for them as much as it will be for you? Whether you are going to go to Lapland for Christmas, or a visit before the big day, this post is filled with Lapland reveal ideas to help you tell them the big news.

Surprise them at the airport

If you are going to fly to Lapland to see Santa, then one of the best ways to break the news to the kids is to tell them at the airport. Pack their bags, tell them they are off on holiday and reveal the destination only when you get to the airport. The look on their faces when they realise they’re off to see Santa and his elves will be priceless.

Invitation letter from Santa

Another great Lapland reveal idea is by sending the kids an invitation from Santa to visit him in Lapland. You can post it to arrive before you are due to leave, or if you have booked your trip well in advance and want to break it early, send it sooner. You could hide the letter inside a present (see below) or have it as part of your Elf on the Shelf tradition.

A christmas-themed flat-lay with three samples of Santa invitation to Lapland letters

With a Christmas present

You could reveal your trip to Lapland by giving the kids a Christmas present with an invitation from Santa inside to come visit him in Lapland. Use one of my printable Santa invitation to Lapland letters and fill the box with wrapping paper for them to pull out, revealing the letter underneath it all.

You could also fill a box with their winter clothing, hats, gloves and scarves, and wrap it with Christmas paper to be opened before you go. You can include the invitation from Santa to help them discover what the present is all about.

If you are going to Lapland after Christmas, then use this reveal idea on Christmas Day to share the exciting news with the kids.

Suitcase reveal

You could reveal a trip to Lapland by packing a suitcase with the kids’ winter clothing and let your Elf on the Shelf instruct them to open the case, revealing their clothing and a note inside.

The suitcase will be a giveaway that they might be off on holiday somewhere, but just watch their faces when they realise just where they are going! You can include a letter from Santa or include the below item whether you have an Elf or not.

Tickets from your Elf

Another way to tell the kids they’re going to Lapland is to reveal the trip using an Elf boarding pass. Let your Elf (if you have one) bring their “Lapland boarding cards” before you are due to set off and watch the excitement as it dawns on them where they are going.

If you don’t have an Elf, you could place the ‘tickets’ in an envelope and pop it into your cold fireplace, sprinkling some glitter/fake snow/ soot around the edge to indicate a special delivery from the North Pole.

A picture of two maroon coloured passports and two Lapland boarding passes on top

With a Lapland treasure hunt

You could tell the kids that they are going to Lapland with a treasure hunt. You can either use a printable treasure hunt, use letter magnets, or scrabble letter squares to spell out ‘Lapland’. Hide the letters around the house and let the kids use clues to find the letters. They then need to spell out the destination.

You can do the treasure hunt on its own, or you can use your Elf to help add some more fun and excitement to the reveal.

Another treasure hunt you could create is with 5-7 envelopes, hidden around the house. Each envelope contains a clue to the next place around the house, with the final one holding either an invitation to Lapland from Santa or some Lapland boarding cards.

I have created a fun and easy-to-use Lapland treasure hunt that you can use in your big Lapland reveal. Simply print it out and get hiding those letters!

A Christmas-themed flat-lay with three pages from a Lapland Treasure Hunt printable

A letter a day

You could let your Elf, if you have one, bring one letter per day and after the seventh letter, let the kids spell ‘Lapland’. Make sure the Elf brings a letter at the start of the week to explain a little bit about the letters and make sure the letters don’t come in order if you don’t want them to know until the last day. This Lapland reveal idea is best if you are going to Lapland the day of, or the day after the last letter is delivered.

An elf on the shelf sitting on some stairs

Play Christmas songs on the day you are going

If you have an Alexa or similar, why not set the device to play Christmas songs from early in the morning, before they are due to get up. You could combine that with a special delivery at the door of their Lapland boarding cards, complete with glitter and fake snow too. Include an invitation from Santa to add to the excitement.

Phone call from Santa

Another way to reveal your trip to Lapland to the kids is by them receiving a phone call from Santa Claus himself. You could get a male friend they don’t know very well to call the house and invite them to come visit him in Lapland. Just make sure the friend is male, not well known, and knows all the details before calling your house. Oh, and prearrange the time of the phone call.

Visit a reindeer park

If you have a reindeer park near your home, why not take the kids on a day out to the park and reveal the Lapland trip there. Ask them if they would like to visit Santa’s reindeers in Lapland and watch their faces as you tell them they are going!

A picture of a reindeer standing on a grassy hill

Lapland with kids is one of the most magical trips a family can make, and surprising the kids with the trip just adds to the magic.

I hope this list of 10 of the most amazing ways to tell the kids they are going to Lapland will help you surprise them and reveal where they are going to bring happiness and excitement to your family. Do let me know if you use one of them and how it went!

Cath x


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