Everything you will ever need to know about planning a visit to Yellowstone with kids

If you have ever wanted to visit Yellowstone National Park with kids, then this section of the blog is for you. In 2017 we made the epic trip from Portugal to the first US National Park with our then 3-year-old son and it was one of the most amazing experiences we’ve had as a family.

But, it took quite a bit of planning. Besides booking flights and deciding where to stay in Yellowstone with kids, we had no idea what to do in Yellowstone with kids. We began to wonder is Yellowstone for kids or had we made a big mistake? Should we have waited until our son was older.

However, as you will discover, we need not have feared. Yellowstone National Park for kids is an amazing place, an outdoor classroom with lots of educational and learning opportunities. In these posts you will find out how we put together our Yellowstone bucket list with the help of those who had enjoyed Yellowstone Park with kids. You will also find out itinerary for our road trip from Portland to Yellowstone and back again.

If you are wondering what are the best things to do in Yellowstone with kids, I’ve got a whole post dedicated to just this subject. I can also help you plan your time in the National Park with my Yellowstone itinerary with kids, which tells you how we spent our 3 days in Yellowstone. There are ideas for shorter and longer visits too.

If you are thinking of visiting Yellowstone with kids, then my ultimate how-to guide should be your starting point. I’ve included information about how to get to Yellowstone, the best places to stay in Yellowstone with kids and outside, and hints and tips for visiting the park as a family.

Below you will find all the Yellowstone posts you will ever need to plan your visit to this US National Park. Click the image to read the blog post.

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