Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo – Our Visit and Review

While on a long weekend away at Bluestone in West Wales, we visited Folly Farm for the first time. The name can be deceiving but it is a great family day out in West Wales. Here is our review of visiting Folly Farm with kids.

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Bluestone Day 2: 11/06/2016

When BattleKid woke up BattleDad kindly took him downstairs for his milk and let me have a much needed lie in. I woke at 8.15am and although I could have easily gone back to sleep, I knew everyone else was up so dragged myself out of the bed, grateful of the extra hour BattleDad had given me. Once I’d shaken off my bleary-eyed state I cooked us all bacon and pancakes, served with strawberries, blackberries, Nutella and maple syrup. And yes I had all of these on pancakes at the same time, and it tasted delicious. A nice mixture of sweet and savory. Try it if you don’t believe me! BattleKid enjoyed the Nutella on his pancakes and ended up with a chocolate covered face! Nice start to the morning at Bluestone.

After breakfast we got dressed and decided to head to Folly Farm for the day. Our friends had kindly exchanged Tesco vouchers towards the tickets, and as the weather on Sunday wasn’t looking too bright, we decided that Saturday was the better of the two days to visit Folly Farm. It was drizzling as we got ready so we weren’t holding out too much hope as we prepared to leave. We had to dry the buggy off with a towel so as to prevent us all getting wet arses as we went to collect the cars.Bluestone June 2016 6

Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo is less than 10 minutes drive from Bluestone and was not at all like I expected. I’ve written a full review of our visit to Folly Farm which will be coming soon, but suffice to say we had a brilliant time. When I had heard the name Folly Farm, I assumed it was a little petting farm but it’s a whole hell of a lot more than that I can tell you. We arrived shortly after 10am and thankfully the rain had stopped and we didn’t leave until 4.30pm! We had spent the whole day there and hadn’t felt the time rush by us. It really was beyond our expectations and I can highly recommend you visit Folly Farm if you ever stay at Bluestone or visit West Wales. It’s definitely worth the money and will be a place we’ll return to again in the future, even if we’re not staying at Bluestone! I’ve put a few pictures from our day at Folly Farm at the end of this post and more will be featured in my forthcoming review post.

The two boys didn’t sleep at Folly Farm, there was too much to see. However, as we were stood outside the gift shop waiting on BattleDad to get his pick’n’mix, they both fell asleep, completely wiped out from a full day’s excitement. How they had stayed awake that long was anyone’s guess but both were sound asleep, even as we transferred them to their car seats. We headed back to Bluestone and let our friends take the buggy back to the lodge while we chose to walk a sleeping BattleKid back in his buggy to prolong his nap. I thought at one stage he was waking up but he just had a little cry and was back to the land of nod soon enough.

While the boys slept, us adults enjoyed some chips, dips and drinks around the huge table while we chatted. It was nice to finally sit down after all the walking we had done. At 5.30 we woke the boys and neither were too happy about the situation. BattleKid soon chirped up a bit and played with L. We decided to get a Chinese for dinner so BattleDad and W dropped into Narberth for it. BattleKid actually enjoyed some Chinese and helped himself to quite a bit of BattleDad’s noodles, despite having some on his own plate! After dinner, at 8.30pm, much later than normal, we got BattleKid into bed. L took a lot longer to settle and as a result we never got to play any board games that night. We chatted in the living room for a while over a cup of tea before turning in early ourselves.

We’d had a great Saturday and all commented how good Folly Farm was. Keep an eye in the coming days for my review post of our visit.

Thanks for reading,

Cath x

Bluestone June 2016 7
Farmer in the making?

Bluestone June 2016 8
Lions at Folly Farm

Bluestone June 2016 8
Outdoor adventure area at Folly Farm

Folly Farm
Having fun on the Tractors at Folly Farm