5 Things to Do in Missoula with a Toddler in Tow


Last year, as many of you know, we embarked on our biggest trip to date with BattleKid. It was a two-week USA road trip taking in the stunning Yellowstone National Park, smoky Missoula in Montana and the hip and vibrant city of Portland. Missoula is a place not many people will have heard of, us included before our trip, but is definitely worth a visit. And today I’m going to share with you 5 things to do in Missoula with a toddler in tow, should you be visiting yourself with a toddler or young kids.

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USA Road Trip Holiday Diaries – Day 10

I woke at 7.30 with BattleKid to a lot of smoke outside. It was even thicker than previous days. I was glad we had experienced smoke haze and the associated smell in Portugal as it didn’t panic me like it might have. That said, I was glad we were going to be leaving this day. … Read more

USA Road Trip Holiday Diaries – Day 9

BattleKid and I woke shortly after 7am and chilled in the living room with the help of Puss in Boots, the series, on Netflix. I managed to catch up on some writing before BattleDad appeared shortly after 8am. Again, we watched a deer in the garden but this time she had two babies with her. … Read more

USA Road Trip Holiday Diaries – Day 8

Unbelievably I didn’t wake until 9.30am. I must have been tired from all the driving. BattleKid didn’t wake until after 10! Shortly after a light breakfast we spotted some deer in the back garden of the building our apartment was in. The smoke haze hadn’t lifted either. In fact, I thought it was getting worse. … Read more