Best Alpaca Trekking and Alpaca Walks Ireland has to Offer Families

Are your kids fascinated with alpacas? If so, then you might be interested in discovering the best alpaca walks Ireland has to offer families. Whether you are looking for alpaca walking in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland, there is sure to be somewhere where you can visit.

Alpacas are South American camel-like animals that are often confused with llamas. They both come from South America, are similar in appearance, although alpacas are noticeably smaller.

Alpaca trekking or walking with alpacas has become a popular family day out activity and goes down a treat with the younger members of the family. If you are based on, or are visiting, the Emerald Isle as a family, and think the kids might be interested in walking alpacas, then this list of places that offer this to the public in Ireland might help you plan a treat for the whole family.

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Best alpaca walks Ireland has to offer families

Here, you will find a list of the best alpaca farms Ireland and Northern Ireland have that offer alpaca experiences to the public. Whether it is a gentle walk or a proper trek you are after, you are bound to find the best place to visit with your kids here.

Best alpaca walking in Northern Ireland for families

In this section, you will find ideas for the best alpaca walking Northern Ireland has for families.

Cranfield Alpacas, Down

A great place in Northern Ireland to have an alpaca experience is Cranfield Alpacas, located 35 minutes from Newry. They have three alpaca experiences including alpaca trekking. Northern Ireland does not have many alpaca farms open to the public so visiting Cranfield is your best option.

Their experiences include a beach trek, field walk, or a meet and mingle. All are suitable for travellers of all kinds including families with young kids, larger family groups, couples, and solo travellers. The beach trek is suitable for kids from the age of 8, while the field walk is ideal for the younger members of the family. The meet and mingle experience is suitable for anyone with mobility issues or wheelchair users.

Cranfield Alpacas have parking, toilets, a pop-up shop (taking cash only), and pre-booking is required.

For more information or to book your tickets, click here.

Address: 35, 37 Cranfield Rd, Kilkeel, Newry BT34 4LJ (UK)

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Best alpaca walking Ireland has to offer kids and their families

If you are looking for the best alpaca trekking Ireland has to offer and the best places to visit with kids in the Republic, then this section is just for you.

Wild Alpaca Way, Donegal

Wild Alpaca Way is a family-run business located in Malin Head on the Inishowen peninsula in County Donegal. They have three daily walks with their alpacas that go into the Knockamanny Bens. The four alpacas are friendly and happily trek along with visitors. Kids will thoroughly enjoy meeting and walking along with the alpacas in a beautiful setting.

While the route taken is not suitable for wheelchairs users or those with mobility issues, you can contact the owners to possibly arrange another way of spending time with the alpacas.

For more information and for booking, visit the website.

Address: Knockamanny Bens, Malin Head, Inishowen, Co. Donegal

Cornstown House, Meath

If you are looking for alpaca trekking near Dublin, then head to Cornstown House in Ashbourne, County Meath. This organic farm with lots of other animals including sheep, goats, and donkeys offers alpaca trekking.

Note that alpaca trekking is only available for over 16s unaccompanied, or over 12s accompanying an adult. Alpaca trekking passes through a wildlife corridor where you can smell the wildflowers in summer.

Younger kids can still visit the farm and take part in age-appropriate farm tours (contact the owners through their Facebook page for details of this tour and to book it). All visits must be pre-booked and farm tours must be arranged for younger members of the family ahead of time.

There are toilets, ample parking, and a coffee hut available for visitors, and there is a 2.5km walk around the farm in which you can enjoy nature. This walk is free, but note that it is not suitable for those with mobility issues due to the uneven ground.

Get more information and book your walk here.

Address: Cornstown, Ashbourne, Co. Meath, A84 N512

The Flying Alpaca, Clare

A great place to take the kids for an alpaca experience is the Flying Alpaca in County Clare. Located on the beautiful Loop Head Peninsula, the Flying Alpaca is an interactive farm and B&B.

There are three experiences to choose from at the Flying Alpaca and there are options for those with young children. The Alpaca Walk is suitable for those over the age of 12, although kids between 8 and 11 years of age can accompany an adult. For the younger members of the family, the Alpaca Meet and Greet is the package to choose.

There is also a Full Alpaca Experience where you can meet the alpacas, cuddle them, feed them, and refreshments are served with this experience.

There is B&B accommodation available at the Flying Alpaca and there is ample parking and toilets. You can also browse the small shop selling homemade and local craft products. To book your experience, or for more information, visit their website.

Address: Newtown East, Kilkee, Co. Clare, V15 D761

Long Acre Alpacas, Louth

If you are based in County Louth or are visiting this part of Ireland, why not take the kids to Long Acre Alpacas for an alpaca trek. Long acre Alpacas are located near Ardee and have several friendly alpacas.

The experience involves a meet and greet with the animals before taking them on a leisurely trek through Ireland’s most easterly raised bog in which you can spot other wildlife such as butterflies and bees. Then spent time feeding them before enjoying some refreshments yourself. The meet and greet part is suitable for wheelchair users or those with mobility issues.

There is a picnic area, toilets, and parking at the site for visitors, as well as a small shop. For more information or to book, see their Facebook page for details. You MUST pre-book your visit ahead of time.

Address: Glack, Ardee, Co. Louth, A92 P984

Knockvicar Alpacas, Roscommon

If you are looking for a family-friendly alpaca farm in Roscommon, then head to Knockvicar Alpacas near Lough Key. This small family-run business has 42 alpacas and counting, and offers both farm visits and treks.

Alpaca treks, which last 90 minutes and cover 2km at a gentle pace are ideal for those with older kids who would like to lead their own alpaca. Younger kids cannot walk alpacas themselves but can accompany an adult (one children per adult). Along the walk you can chat with your host and get all your questions answered. Halfway along there is a stop to feed the alpacas some treats and this is a great picture opportunity. Once back at the barn you can meet some of the other animals and feed them treats too.

Farm visits are a meet and greet affair, and are ideal for families with young children and groups of adults too. Your host will share with you all they know and love about alpacas from their 7 years experience of raising and breeding alpacas. Find out why they keep alpacas and what they do with their fleece, their origins, the challenges, and the benefits. You can then head out into the field with the females and hand-feed them while learning their names. Farm visits last about one hour.

Visits are strictly by appointment only, and Knockvicar Alpacas are open Friday Saturday and Sunday, but you can arrange weekday visits during the summer. There are no toilet facilities at present.

There is also a guest house on the farm that sleeps 10 and can be seen on Airbnb under Knockvicar House. For more information on this contact Angela on 0860526560 or through their Facebook page. You can also arrange your visit via these two methods.

Address: House and Alpaca Farm, Knockvicar, Co. Roscommon, F52 YA44

Atlantic Way Alpaca Farm, Sligo

If you are looking to take a gentle, 2-hour stroll with some friendly alpacas as a family, then Atlantic Way Alpaca Farm in Sligo is one to consider for your alpaca experience.

This family-run business holds appointment-only alpaca walks, with over 12s allowed to lead the alpacas themselves. Those under 12 can only accompany an adult. There are lots of other farm animals to meet after your walk, which is sure to add to the whole experience for the kids.

There are toilets, a holiday cottage and amply off-road parking on the farm but no shop. Remember that this is a working farm, so all appointments must work around daily farm life. The walks are not suitable for wheelchair users, buggies, or those with mobility issues, but the farm has an area that can be used for a meet and greet experience. Make sure to contact the owners to arrange this type of visit and walks.

For more information, visit their Facebook page. You can also find contact information to arrange your appointment on the Facebook page.

Address: Grange, Co. Sligo, F91FK50

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Picture Credit: The Flying Alpaca, Loop Head

Curraghduff Farm, Galway

If you are visiting County Galway as a family and looking for something unique to do with your time, then why not head for Curraghduff Farm set among hills that overlook Lough Corrib.

Curraghduff Farm offers a few different alpaca experiences for families including meet and greets, alpaca walks, and even alpaca yoga!

Note that alpaca walks at Curraghduff are only for over 12s but the under 12s can enjoy the meet and greet experience. The walks and meet and greet experiences last about 2 hours and light refreshments are provided. The alpaca experiences are not suitable for those with mobility issues or wheelchair users.

Curraghduff Farm has visitor toilets, parking, a mini shop, and reception, and there is a glamping site for those wanting to stay. For more information, visit the Curraghduff Farm website. You MUST pre-book your experience before arriving to avoid disappointment.

Address: Curraghduff West, Oughterard, Co. Galway, H91 R2Y7

You might want to read my post about things to do with kids in Galway if you are planning a family holiday to the county.

Waterfall Alpaca Farm, Cork

If you are going to be visiting West Cork, then why not book a unique experience for the kids. Waterfall Alpaca Farm, also known as West Cork Alpacas, is located in the heart of West Cork.

Waterfall Alpaca Farm offers alpaca walks around a loop that trails past fields, young forestry, and a river. The walk takes 40 minutes, and there is a chance to meet some of the other farm animals beforehand, which kids will thoroughly enjoy. Refreshments are provided, although the owners suggest bringing a full picnic to enjoy afterward in the beautiful surroundings.

There is a toilet on-site, parking, and a cabin should you want somewhere unique and peaceful to stay in West Cork.

For more information about prices and how to book, visit the website.

Address: Waterfall Farm, Drimoleague, Co. Cork, P47 TD70

Andean Alpacas, Westmeath

In the Irish Midlands, you’ll find an award-winning Alpaca Farm for an alpaca experience to remember. Andean Alpacas are located in County Westmeath and offer an alpaca trekking experience.

The trek is suitable for children from the age of 8

Visitor facilities include toilets and parking.

For more information and to book your visit, click here.

Address: Culleen Beg, Cullionbeg, Co. Westmeath

K2 Alpacas, Wicklow

If you are looking to take the kids on an alpaca in Wicklow, then head for K2 Alpacas, located near Newtown Mount Kennedy. K2 Alpacas offer alpaca trekking for families and is a great day out in the area.

Treks are offered at the weekend by prior booking only and are only suitable for kids above the age of 8. Alpaca trek experiences last 2 hours with the walk itself taking about an hour.

Note that children aged 8 and 9 cannot lead an alpaca alone, they must accompany an adult. This venue is not suitable for younger children, or those with mobility issues. There is no meet and greet only option available at K2 Alpacas.

For more information or to book your visit, click here.

Address: Callowhill Upper, Newtown Mount Kennedy, Co. Wicklow, A63 DX08

Gáinne Mór Alpacas, Donegal

If you are looking for alpaca experiences in County Donegal, then head for Gáinne Mór Alpacas. Located in the beautiful area of Sheephaven Bay, Gáinne Mór Alpacas have two alpaca experiences for families to choose from.

The first is an alpaca walk, where over 8s can enjoy a 90-minute walk with these beautiful creatures before feeding them back at the farm. Note that children between 8 and 11 cannot walk their own alpaca, but can accompany an adult.

The second is a meet and greet of the alpacas, which is perfect for the whole family, especially the younger members of the family. You get to spend an hour with the animals, feeding them and cuddling them, while learning all about them.

Both experiences take place on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays with the walks in the morning and meet and greet in the afternoon. All experiences must be pre-booked and there is the possibility of arranging an experience outside of these hours by prior appointment but not guaranteed.

Gáinne Mór Alpacas have car parking and a fibre parlour where visitors can see products made from alpaca fleece but currently have no toilets. If you are looking for a great family day out in Donegal, make sure to visit Gáinne Mór Alpacas.

For the latest prices, how to book your visit, or for more information, visit their website.

Address: Magherabeg, Downings, Co. Donegal

A group of four alpacas walking at a seashore line

Best non-trekking/walking alpaca experiences in Ireland

Some alpaca farms do not have trekking or walking with alpacas available but do offer meet and greet only experiences. If this is more what you are looking to do with the kids, then this section is for you.

Glaslough Alpacas, Monaghan

If you are based in and around County Monaghan and are looking for alpaca experiences for kids in Ireland, then head to Glaslough.

Glaslough Alpacas offer meet and greet alpaca experiences which include a walk among the animals, a chance to feed them and cuddle them. Light refreshments are included and there is colouring for the kids.

You can also get the chance to learn about these friendly animals, their fleece, and the products made from them.

Glaslough Alpacas offer these experiences at weekends, but it may be possible to arrange weekdays or evening experiences by prior appointment. You must pre-book your visit.

To see the latest prices and for more information or to book your visit, click here.

Address: Faulkland, Glaslough, Co. Monaghan, H18 KF25

Glenbrook Alpacas, Roscommon

Another farm in Ireland that offers meet and greet experiences only is Glenbrook Alpacas based in County Roscommon.

You arrange your visit to them by contacting the owners via their Facebook page.

Address: Corraree, Co. Roscommon, H53 E950

Hummingbird Alpacas, Kilkenny

Hummingbird Alpacas, located in the southern half of County Kilkenny, welcome people to their farm to mingle with alpacas. They do not hold structured walks or treks, instead allowing guests to wander freely in the paddocks with the friendly alpacas.

Note that the paddocks are not wheelchair-friendly but there are some viewing decks and walkways that are better suited for those with mobility issues to see the animals. There is also a shop and woodland fairy garden which will delight kids. Visits are also completely free!

To find out more or to contact the owners, please visit the website.

Address: Unnamed Road, Corragaun (Reade), Co. Kilkenny

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If you have been wondering are there “alpaca days out near me”, whether you are based in Ireland or Northern Ireland, I hope this list of the best alpaca walks Ireland has to offer kids and their families have been helpful. There is a mixture of alpaca experiences available in Ireland, whether you want to walk alpacas or meet and greet these cute animals.

If you know of anywhere else that offers alpaca walking in Ireland, please let me know in the comments below so I can add it to the list!

Cath x

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