Our Visit to the Blue Planet Aquarium – Fish of all Shapes and Sizes

Our visit to the Blue Planet Aquarium occurred while we were in Chester last August Bank Holiday weekend. I’ve written about it somewhat in the Chester Holiday Diaries but thought it might be more useful to put a post together with more information about it.Our Visit to the Blue Planet Aquarium

The Blue Planet Aquarium is located in Ellesmere Port beside the Cheshire Oaks retail park and remains the largest aquarium in North West England. Opened in 1998 it is a freshwater and marine aquarium that includes themed areas such as Tropical Rivers, Lakes and Ponds and Seas and Oceans. The largest tank holds 4 million litres of water and features a 71 meter underwater tunnel.

As you enter the Upper Area we started our visit to the Blue Planet Aquarium at the Northern Streams featuring freshwater fish found in the rivers and streams of the Northern Hemisphere including the British Isles. We saw fish such as Pike, Carp and Perch and a great mixture of both small and large fish which was a great start for BattleKid. He enjoyed following the fish around the tank and had to be prized away so we could continue our visit!Our Visit to the Blue Planet Aquarium

From there we went on to the Lake Malawi exhibition featuring fish from Africa’s third largest lake. Lake Malawi is home to over 1000 species of fish as we saw just a few of these including CICHLIDS which have no less than 2 sets of teeth and look mean.

After Lake Malawi we passed through the Flooded Forest section which is a tropical exhibition designed around the Amazon River. This exhibition is great as you can hear buzzing insects, frog’s chorus and birdsong and monkey chattering to make you feel like you really are in South America. We saw various types of piranha in this section including the Red-bellied Piranha which are dangerous to man.

We were soon finished on the upper level and headed past some open tanks where we spotted Dory and Nemo hiding among friends, before making our way down to the lower section past the huge main tank.Our Visit to the Blue Planet Aquarium

BattleDad and I visited the Blue Planet Aquarium about 10 years before but it was only seeing BattleKid stand against the tank that I realised and appreciated its size. The main tank is connected to the underwater tunnel where you can see Europe’s largest collection of sharks. There are also rays and other fish and BattleKid thoroughly enjoyed the tunnel.Our Visit to the Blue Planet Aquarium

During our visit to the Blue Planet Aquarium we also saw the Reef and Coral exhibitions and some of the reptiles, amphibians and insects on display. We saw caiman crocodiles and there are also some gorgeous otters in an enclosure outside near the playground.Our Visit to the Blue Planet Aquarium

The Blue Planet Aquarium is a good place to visit with children of all ages and they also hold educational talks. And if you are braver than me you could even swim with sharks in their main tank in one of their “Dive with Sharks” experiences, which can be done by diving beginners too. Just note that these experiences must be booked in advance of your planned visit.

Things to note if planning a visit to the Blue Planet Aquarium

  • Our visit to the Blue Planet Aquarium lasted a few hours but as there is a café you could easily spend the day there wandering the various exhibitions and attending some of the daily talks that take place. There are also at least 3 daily dive shows in the main tank.
  • The Blue Planet Aquarium is open daily from 10am to 5pm on weekdays and 6pm on weekends. Live shows begin at 11 am and continue throughout the day. There is ample parking and it cost £2.50 at the time of our visit.
  • The Blue Planet Aquarium is family-friendly and is buggy and wheelchair accessible too.
  • There is a restaurant and also a gift shop and an outdoors children’s playground.
  • An adult ticket costs* £17.75 and a Junior costs £12.75 (over 90cm tall and up to 12 years of age). If you book online you may get a discount. And if you fancy it, you could always do a bit of shopping at Cheshire Oaks retail outlet afterwards as we did.

The Blue Planet Aquarium was a great place to spend a few hours with BattleKid and he thoroughly enjoyed his time there. We also filmed a little vlog of our visit which you can view below if you fancy it.

For more information about the Blue Planet Aquarium please visit their main website. A map of the Blue Planet Aquarium can be found here.

Thanks for reading.

Cath x

*Prices are correct at the time of writing this post.

**We were not asked to write this post.

Our Visit to the Blue Planet Aquarium

our visit to the blue planet aquarium

Chester Day 3: 28/08/2016

After yet another awful night’s sleep with BattleKid, we got up at 8am and I made us scrambled egg, beans and toast for breakfast which BattleKid enjoyed. We got ourselves dressed, repacked the change bag and headed off just before 10am. Destination: The Blue Planet Aquarium.Chester Day 3

BattleDad and I had visited this many years ago with my nephew when he was visiting us in Telford and we really enjoyed it then. And as BattleKid is getting more into fish after having watched part of Finding Nemo (we had to switch it off at the sharks part as he didn’t like them), we thought he might enjoy the Blue Planet Aquarium. Again, this was less than 15 minutes from our AirBnB accommodation, which was really handy.

We parked the car and made our way to the entrance, paid up and in we went. We started on the upper level, visiting the Northern Rivers and Tropical sections before going down stairs to see the big fish tank and the underwater walkway. BattleKid hadn’t actually been too interested in the fish until we got to the sharks tanks and the underwater walkway. This certainly got his attention, so much so he didn’t want to leave. We finished off our visit to the Blue Planet Aquarium by visiting the otters outside.Chester Day 3

Chester Day 3

Chester Day 3

Chester Day 3

Chester Day 3

Chester Day 3

Chester Day 3

As we were done by 11.30am, we decided to make our way around to the Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet and parked with the hundreds of other shoppers in the multi-storey car park. This is where we saw the most people over the course of the bank holiday weekend. It was heaving!

BattleDad made a beeline for Hugo Boss and spent ages inside. BattleKid and I got bored outside waiting for him so took to taking selfies and messing while we waited. He finally appeared at the door about 20 minutes after he went in with arm loads of stuff, saying “Help, I don’t know what to get” to which I told him get it all, just to get him out of the damn shop. It still took him another 10 minutes to come out, this time with bags!Chester Day 3

We walked halfway around Cheshire Oaks before deciding to stop at Carluccio’s for lunch. We had a really nice meal, BattleKid ate well, and most of mine I’ll add, and all for under £50 which was great. We decided to walk back to the car and I popped into Paperchase and Warehouse. I would have liked to pop into a few more shops but BattleKid was starting to get cranky and tired so the car beckoned. BattleDad ran into Starbucks for drinks for us to take with us and, as I waited for him outside, I ended rocking BattleKid to sleep in my arms as he was exhausted. He had been quite good up till then and one man waiting outside the Mulberry shop for his wife asked if I’d rock him to sleep too! Ha!

We managed to get the boy into the car and he stayed asleep. We dropped by the Tesco again and I waited in the car for BattleDad to get what we needed. BattleKid woke 5 minutes from our accommodation, ratty as hell even though he’d had a 40 minute sleep! When we arrived back BattleKid watched the end of Rio while BattleDad napped, he too was exhausted from the bad night with the boy. We had dinner at 5.30 and decided to take a walk around the lake and nature trail of the area we were staying in rather than stay indoors on such a nice evening. We figured it would also distract BattleKid, possibly wear him out, and maybe, just maybe, help to avoid any more tantrums, of which there had been many!

We ended up out for over an hour but had fun, checking holes for dragons and seeing if we could spot any cats along the way. Getting out of the apartment was a good idea and we had fun as a family. Once we got back it was well past milk, pj’s and story time, and thankfully BattleKid went down without too much of a fight.Chester Day 3

Chester Day 3

Chester Day 3

Chester Day 3

BattleDad and I read the papers he had picked up until we knew the boy was asleep before getting some tea and watching the weekend’s second episode of X-Factor. We turned in after this, exhausted from our day out and with the journey back to South Wales just ahead of us.

Pop by tomorrow to see if we managed to go dragon hunting on our last day of the bank holiday weekend.

Cath x