Visiting St Fagans With Kids: The Welsh National Museum of History

One place that almost eluded us during our time in Wales was St Fagans National Museum of History. Nestled on the outskirts of Cardiff, we nearly missed seeing this amazing place before we left the UK. However, we made sure to set time aside for it and today I’m going to tell you about visiting St Fagans with kids and how you too can enjoy it.

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35/52 My Sunday Photo: 27/08/2017

One place I really wanted to visit in Wales before we left the UK was St. Fagan’s and not long before we departed, that’s exactly what we did. I was so glad we did as it is an amazing place to wander around. We spent a full day there and didn’t get to see all of it. I’ll be writing all about our visit soon.

This cottage, with the smoke coming out of its chimney, really caught my eye. It reminded me of my parents second home in Galway, Ireland, before they sold it. The walls were white, and during the winter there was always a fire going in the house. But they were lucky enough not to have a thatched roof. I didn’t spend a lot of time in that house but there was something special about it. It is now gone, replaced by a home in Portugal for their retirement instead. I’d say that’s a good trade-off.

my sunday photo
St Fagan’s, Wales
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