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Welcome to BattleMum. Firstly, let me say thank you for getting as far as this page. You’re probably wondering who we are and what we’re all about. Or maybe not if you’ve read our About page already. If not, let me enlighten you.

We are a family of three, or four if you count the BattleDog, and we moved to Portugal in May 2017. Mad I know, but BattleDad always wanted to live somewhere warm, with sunshine, and we finally did it. As beautiful as it was, we got sick of the wind and rain of Wales. We figured out that BattleKid had spent approximately two thirds of his life indoors and we constantly felt guilty say “no, it’s raining” when he asked to play outside on his bike. So, we hijacked my parent’s retirement and so far, have no regrets. I’ve been blogging all about our decision and journey which you can find under our travel section.Spring time family photo shoot

BattleMum originally started as a blog to document our lives as a family with a child, on online diary if you will, for BattleKid to look back on in the future. It has changed since the early days and many of our family posts now include our days out together and holidays. Travel plays a much bigger role on the blog than it did in the early days. And through my blog I hope we inspire more families to travel, even with toddlers and young children in tow.

We are originally from Dublin and are a couple who love to travel, but I think you’ve already guessed that. Having BattleKid has never deterred us from continuing our love of travel. We took inspiration from BattleDad’s sister who has travelled extensively with 2, then 3, 4, 5 and now 6 children in tow. She’s been across Route 66 twice with 2 and then 3 of her children and all-round Europe with them, and we are taking inspiration from her.

We document our travels in our Holiday Diaries as well as provide, we hope, useful hints and tips about certain places we’ve been as well as places we plan to visit. We do product reviews from time to time but plan that these will be more in keeping with the nature of the blog going forward.

If you are wondering where on earth to start on BattleMum and this is your first time visiting, can I suggest you grab a cuppa and start with the following posts. I hope they will be the beginning of an everlasting friendship.

If you’ve enjoyed these posts and want to keep up with the latest new and gossip about the Battle Family and our travels, why not check out my Facebook page, Instagram feed or Twitter. Don’t forget to say hi and tell me all about your family and travels to date! Oh, I nearly forgot, we’ve got a YouTube channel too.

Cath x