15 Family Travel Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

Do you ever get wanderlust from Instagram? Ever looked at someone else’s feed and become insanely jealous of the amazing places they seem to go? I’ll hold my hands up and say yes, absolutely yes, I do! Today I’m going to share with you 15 family travel bloggers I’m following on Instagram for this year and who you should be too!

Being a wanderlust family doesn’t preclude us from finding wanderlust in other places. Just because we travel ourselves doesn’t mean we don’t look at other families who travel and get a real sense of jealousy about where they’re going with their own families. And one of the biggest sources of our wanderlust comes from two places. A long-term nomadic family we personally know, and then Instagram.

My husband has worked with the father of this nomadic family on and off for the last five years. He and his family, though they have a base they loosely call home, wander the world for extended periods together, homeschooling their kids and doing a lot of charitable work alongside their adventures together. They were actually part of our inspiration for changing how we travel ourselves and also part of the reason we emigrated to Portugal. It’s a running joke between my husband and T when they call one another for my husband to say “so where is your office today?”. They are also the reason we are even considering a family gap year in a few years.

The other source of our wanderlust comes from the social media platform that has been my favourite for years. The one I have a love/hate relationship with as a blogger, as it’s so hard to grow, but out of which I get the most pleasure. I can spend hours scrolling through Instagram, checking out the latest posts on people’s feeds and watching their stories, particularly those who are travelling with their families. Many are family travel bloggers and there is a particularly special group who I am an avid follower of.

Not only do these families travel to all kinds of places, both at home and abroad, they are also genuinely nice people, incredibly supportive as bloggers and instil a serious amount of wanderlust in me. I love seeing what adventures they are up to and where they are headed next. Here are 15 awesome family travel bloggers to follow on Instagram and why you should be following them if you already aren’t!

15 Family Travel Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

Marta – Learning Escapes

Learning Escapes is a family travel blog about cultural travels with kids. The author behind it is Marta, Italian mama and expat in Ireland, and her faithful travel companions are her husband Philip and their two children now 8 and 6, which appear on the blog as Mr M and Little Ms E.

They travel at weekends and during school breaks and their favourite destinations are big European cities although they recently developed a passion for the US and are just back from an epic road trip that brought them from California to Grand Canyon and Monument Valley! 

On all their trips they mix visits to kid friendly sites and more ‘grown up’ attractions which makes their blog a great source of inspiration and info for families who love independent travel and cultural tourism. 

Follow the Learning Escapes family on Instagram.

Angela – The Life of Spicers

The Life Of Spicers is written by Angela who has been inspired by Walt Disney World and finding new adventures closer to home for some time now. Angela lives with her husband, 11 year old daughter and their friendly Labrador in Dorset near the beautiful seaside town of Bournemouth.

When Angela isnโ€™t planning a trip to Walt Disney World, her and the family can often be spotted finding new adventures closer to home. With the stunning views of the Jurassic Coast on their doorstep, they would be crazy not to enjoy exploring it.

Follow The Life of Spicers family on Instagram.

Sam – Travels with my Boys

Sam is the blogger behind Travels with my Boys which is a family travel blog with some insider tips on travelling with food allergies. With over 10 years of working in the travel industry behind her, Sam loves to explore with her family from different perspectives (cycling, walking, train, car etc).

Samโ€™s family consists of Big K who is 7 and Little K who is nearly 4. As a family, they have been to many European countries since her boys were born and hope to explore further afield once they are older. They enjoy travelling with Sam’s parents in tow and enjoy multiple multi-generational family holidays throughout the year. As long as her boys have fun and learn new things then that makes family travel all worthwhile. 

Follow the Travels with my boys family on Instagram.


Suzy – Where to go with kids

Where to go with kids is a family travel blog with a 400+ bucket list. They are overflowing with ideas for adventures around the UK and overseas. Their family compromises Suzy the Mum, Mark the Dad and Jamie their 5-year-old son. Plus, Grandma often joins them on their adventures.

They love days out, weekend breaks and are big fans of holiday parks. One of their passions is discovering all the things to do in towns and cities across the UK. The photo below is from one of their latest days out in Hull which is a city full of culture and things to do for free.

Follow the Where to go with kids family on Instagram.


Janet – Falcondale Life

Janetโ€™s blog, Falcondale Life, covers life and travel as a family with teenagers. Together with her husband and children Fizz (17) and Belle (13)*, Janet lives in Harrogate in beautiful North Yorkshire. The family prefer independent travel and road trips, getting the most out of familiar destinations such as UK, France and the USA.

By focusing on destinations that are already popular with Brits, Janet is keen to show that the beautiful and extraordinary can be found just by digging a little deeper in familiar places. Janet writes a lot about photography and her blog aims to inspire families to take better photos on their adventures.

Her Instagram account mainly features travel, landscape and nature photography. However she uses her Instagram posts to share the familyโ€™s everyday life through the captions, so followers get much more than just the images.

*Note, not their real names

Follow the Falcondale Life family on Instagram.

Emma – Wanderlust and Wet Wipes

Wanderlust and Wet Wipes is a family travel blog showcasing the highs and lows of family travel. Mum (Emma), is Married to “Mr. Wanderlust” and together they have 2 kids who they affectionately call Thing 1 and Thing 2. They also have a crazy dog (the original Thing).

Their travels take them from Doha, where they live, across the globe – from the US to South East Asia and everywhere in between.

Follow the Wanderlust and Wet Wipes family on Instagram.

Nicky – Go Live Young

Go Live Young is a family adventure travel blog covering destinations all around the world, from Bhutan to Jordan and New Zealand to South Africa. They are a family of five, mum Nicky, dad Dave, and three boys, Flynn aged 10, Logan aged 12 and Dylan aged 15, who have a passion for travel and adventure.

Theyโ€™ve recently returned from a nine month round the world trip, an adventure of a lifetime. Now living back in South Wales in the UK, and travelling as much as the school holidays will allow. Their adventures include trekking with Komodo Dragons, road tripping around New Zealand, swimming with sharks in South Africa, and hiking 4444 steps in Norway! More locally, they love to experience all the UK has to offer, with recent trips to Snowdonia in North Wales and a road trip around Scotland.

Follow the Go Live Young family on Instagram.

Nikki – Yorkshire Wonders

Yorkshire Wonders is a family travel blog that covers UK stays and those further afield! They are a family of four, with two children, Master T age 11 and Miss H age 9. They love exploring new places and new food as well as trying out glamping sites and luxury hotels.

As big theme park fans, they love Florida and Orlando is one of their favourite places in the world. They also travel to Greece frequently where they visit family in the Peloponnese.

Follow the Yorkshire Wonders family on Instagram.

Tracey – PackthePJs

PackThePJs follows the travelling adventures of Tracey, Huw, Millie- Mae (12) and Toby (10). Their blog started out focusing on family cruise holidays, as this is an industry that Huw and Tracey used to work in. From there the blog diversified into days out and events, and then caravanning in the UK in their touring caravan called Betsy. Having toured a lot of Europe with their pet dogs (Jack and Izzy, the spaniels), they now travel much further afield too, โ€˜ticking offโ€™ new countries each year.

Thereโ€™s still a lot of family cruise content, as well as camping and days out, but thereโ€™s lots of long-haul travel too now โ€“ San Francisco, Baltimore, Washington DC, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and The Maldives are recent places PackThePJs has visited.

Follow the PackThePJs family on Instagram.

Mark – Wyld Family Travel

Wyld Family Travel follows the adventures of Mark, Bec, Willow and Marley. This year sees them travelling full time through Asia and Europe. You will find travel tips, destination and attraction posts on their websites for families.

They have one teen and tween so you will find them doing activities for older kids. You will find their blog mainly focuses on European and Australian locations but this year they will add a truckload of Asian destinations to the Wyld Family Travel site. They are budget travellers, and Mark often says

no 5-star Michelin star for us.

Follow the Wyld Family Travel family on Instagram.

Mandi – Big Family Little Adventures

Big Family Little Adventures is a family travel and days out blog for the larger than average family, written by Mandi and Asa with lots of input from Xene (20), Lochlan (18), Neva (15), Kaide (13), Eowyn (10), Tyrus (7) and Viggo (5). Not everyone has a family consisting of 2 adults and 2 children, but that doesn’t mean they love travelling and days out any less, it just means they have to be inventive with places they stay and how they travel.

They adore Disneyland Paris and closer to home they also love to visit Wales and the Lake District whenever they can. The children are all keen mountain climbers and never sit still very long. They love visiting theme parks and trips to the theatre.

Follow the Big Family Little Adventures family on Instagram.

Zoe – Juggling on Rollerskates

Juggling on Rollerskates follows the adventures of the Holland family based in East Sussex. The family of 6 is made up of Zoe, Matt, Morris (14), Leon (12), Daisy (9) and Logan (3).

All keen explorers, the blog focuses on camping, glamping and outdoor adventure in both the UK and Europe. This year they have plans to visit Perpignan, Snowdonia and Majorca as well as a number of local glamping and camping expeditions.

Follow the Juggling on Rollerskates family on Instagram.

Kara – Are We Nearly There Yet

Are We Nearly There Yet is a family travel blog run by Kara, a mum of 6 children aged between 5 to 25. Kara and family live by the motto ‘Collect Moments, Not Things’ and are known as a bit of a thrill-seeking family, often seen hurtling down zip lines, climbing through trees or kayaking along the coast.

They love to travel both home and away, and all posts are first hand, honest and based on real experiences.

Follow the Are We Nearly There Yet family on Instagram.

Lou – We Travel in Threes

We Travel in Threes follows the adventures of 40-something Aussie expat Lou, her hubby and their 7-year-old son. Living in rural Leicestershire means they are lovers of the outdoors and adventurous, independent holidays.

Lou’s blog is a source of travel inspiration for families, a place to find helpful tips and advice for travelling with kids, to get ideas for exploring the outdoors, to find a wealth of information about possibly less chosen destinations, family friendly accommodation and airlines.

Her blog also has a focus on UK days out, particularly in and around her home county of Leicestershire, as Lou is passionate about highlighting the many great attractions that area has to offer families.

Follow the We Travel in Threes family on Instagram.

Cath – Passports and Adventures

Well, of course no family travel blogger list to follow on Instagram would be complete without adding myself, now would it. I’m sure you’re already following me, but if you’re not, why not give me a follow. I love sharing our family travels alongside mini updates about what is happening in our family.

And if you’re new around here, let me introduce the Passports family. We’re an Irish expat family now living in the Algarve after 15 years in the UK. We’re a family that enjoy adventurous travel with our young son, while enjoying culture and family-friendly activities. We also believe travel is an education too and love nothing more than seeing the world through our son’s eyes.

We generally have several trips a year planned but with the pandemic, things are up in the air where travel is concerned. We’ve been staying closer to home, exploring more of Portugal and this will continue for the near future. Make sure you’re following our Instagram to see what we’re up to and where we’re going next!

I’m a firm believer that we all have a little bit of wanderlust in us, and there is no better place to gain inspiration than over on the most visual platform of social media, Instagram. While there are other family travel bloggers that I also follow and love, these people have become my tribe and their travels are the ones I’m always looking forward to following.

From staycations in the UK to far off travels in Asia, America and beyond, their own family travels are what gets the wanderlust going in me. So, I hope you’ll go and give all these wonderful family travel bloggers a follow, both on their blog and their Instagram. You won’t regret it!

Cath x

15 Family Travel Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

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