Is it worth visiting the Portland Children’s Museum?

The last stop on our two-week USA road trip last year was Portland. I’ve spoken before about why we wanted to visit Portland but one of the aims while there was to have some down time after a lot of driving and to spend some quality time together as a family, out of the car. Our plan was to find fun things to do in Portland with kids, so our son could have some fun, and one things on our bucket list for the city was visiting the Portland Children’s Museum.

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New York Packing List – Must Haves and Must Nots

Heading to the city that never sleeps soon? The city so good, they named it twice. If you are starting to prepare for your trip and are wondering what to pack for a trip to New York, then let this post be your guide. This New York packing list includes what you should pack, additional things for summer and winter in New York, things to leave at home and a few additional tips you might not have thought about.

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Yellowstone Bucket List – Planning a Yellowstone Trip

When planning a trip to Yellowstone Park, not only do you need to consider how you are getting there, where you are staying and for how long, you’ll also want to decide and make a list of all the thing you want to see and do in Yellowstone National Park. So, to help you out a bit, here is our Yellowstone Bucket List that we compiled before we visited. Note that although we were looking for things to do in Yellowstone with kids, they are not exclusively for those travelling with kids.

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How to Spend 3 Days in Yellowstone – 3-Day Itinerary Ideas

When we decided to visit Yellowstone National Park, it was part of a longer road trip and one of the biggest questions we had was how many days to spend in Yellowstone out of the two-week trip. We had four days in total and I wondered how to see Yellowstone in 3 days in case jet lag hit us. We put together a must-see list for our time in the park and worked from there. In this post I’m going to share with you our Yellowstone 3-day itinerary to show you what is possible and how to spend 3 days in Yellowstone yourself.

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Portland to Yellowstone and Back Again – A Two-week Itinerary

Considering a road trip from Portland, Oregon to Yellowstone National Park? Then this is the post for you. Here you’ll find full details of the route we took for our Yellowstone National Park road trip and details on driving distances, travel times and places to stop in this Portland to Yellowstone 2-week itinerary.

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