11 Awesome Hand Luggage Essentials For Young Kids

When flying with young kids, parents often stress themselves out over what they should pack in their hand luggage for them. For us, it’s no longer a source of worry or stress. Having flown with BattleKid so many times, we’ve got our hand luggage for him down to a T. So, to help out other families, here is a list of awesome hand luggage essentials for young kids that we don’t leave home without.

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Summer Beach Survival Kit for Families

Summer is upon us and if you’re in the UK, the kids have just broken up from school or about to. BattleKid finishes at the end of July but we’ve already started doing one of our favourite summertime activities after school and at the weekend: a family trip to the beach. We generally pack up one of our Cabin Zero Bags and head directly from school or early on a Saturday morning. Our bag always contains a basic kit and, in this post, I’m going to share with you our summer beach survival kit for families with everything you need for an awesome visit to the beach with kids.

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Travelling with a Baby Essentials: Our Top 5 Items

Travelling with a baby can cause some parents to descend into a ball of stress. As I’ve mentioned before, yes it can be a daunting thing, especially first-time round, but it need not be. We travelled by plane, boat and car with our son when he was a baby and there were a few things I couldn’t do without during those times. So, want to know what they are? Here’s our top 5 travelling with a baby essentials, the things I couldn’t travel without when our son was less than a year old. These are besides that all-important change bag of course! 

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Flying with Children: 10 Secrets for Stress-free Travel Guest Post ft. Olivia W Jones

Travelling with kids (infants, toddlers, or teens, it doesn’t matter) can be a stressful adventure filled with uncertainty, fear, and a whole lot of noise. On the other hand, if you prep all your essentials well in advance and stick to a solid battle plan once you’re on board the giant flying tin can, you just might avoid ending up in someone’s disgruntled Instagram story during the flight. Here’s your quick-and-easy guide to stress-free flying with kids.

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Helpful Tips for Your First Holiday Abroad With Kids

Travelling abroad with your little ones for the first time can bring on all sorts of stresses and worries. I can remember all the thoughts going through my head as our first family holiday abroad drew nearer. Our son was eight months old and I fretted about everything from the flight, to food as we were weaning and the weather. I wish I’d had a list of tips for parents embarking on their first holiday abroad with kids to help ease those worries and to maybe remind me to keep certain things in mind. Continue reading “Helpful Tips for Your First Holiday Abroad With Kids”