Jet Lag with Kids: Tips for Making it Survivable and Stress-free

One of the big reasons why many families put off embarking on long-haul flights with kids, aside from the costs and length of the plane journey, is those two horrible little words; jet lag. The fear of the unknown. Will your kids be suffering the effects for days or will they take it in their stride? Jet lag with kids can often be a big fear factor when it comes to family holidays abroad but in this post myself and some of my fellow travel bloggers are going to share with you our top tips on how to survive jet lag with kids in the hope you’ll finally book that ultimate family holiday.

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11 Awesome Hand Luggage Essentials For Young Kids

When flying with young kids, parents often stress themselves out over what they should pack in their kids luggage for them. For us, it’s no longer a source of worry or stress. Having flown with our son so many times, we’ve got our kids’ carry on luggage down to a T. So, to help out other families, here is a list of awesome hand luggage essentials for young kids that we don’t leave home without.

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Flying Business Class With Kids – Should it be allowed?

Browsing Instagram stories recently, I came across one story that completely irked me. I mean, it got my blood boiling. A young travel blogger was complaining about people flying business class with kids and that it shouldn’t be allowed. Nor should kids be allowed to fly first class for that matter according to that blogger. Well, you can just imagine the feelings of rage it ignited in me. Now I will say that we have not had the pleasure of flying business or first class with our son yet, but I live in hope that I can experience turning left instead of right one day on a plane with him.

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