Baby Essentials for Travel

In this post, myself and my fellow parent bloggers are sharing what we think are the absolute must-have baby essentials for travel. Firstly, I am sharing what were our top 5 essentials for travelling with a baby and then we’ll see what the bloggers recommended as baby travel essentials.

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Summer Beach Survival Kit for Families

Summer is upon us and if you’re in the UK, the kids have just broken up from school or about to. Our son finishes at the end of July but we’ve already started doing one of our favourite summertime activities after school and at the weekend: a family trip to the beach. We generally pack up one of our Cabin Zero Bags and head directly from school or early on a Saturday morning. Our bag always contains a basic kit and, in this post, I’m going to share with you our summer beach survival kit for families with everything you need for an awesome visit to the beach with kids.

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First Family Holiday Abroad Tips

Taking your kids abroad for the first time can be a daunting prospect, but with this post myself and my fellow bloggers have just made it a whole lot easier. With these first family holiday abroad tips, you’re sure to feel less stressed and more excited about flying abroad for the first time with your kids.

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Jet Lag with Kids: Top tips on how to survive it

One of the big reasons why many families put off embarking on long-haul flights with kids, aside from the costs and length of the plane journey, is those two horrible little words; jet lag. The fear of the unknown. Will your kids be suffering the effects for days or will they take it in their stride? Jet lag with kids can often be a big fear factor when it comes to family holidays abroad but in this post myself and some of my fellow travel bloggers are going to share with you our top tips on how to survive jet lag with kids in the hope you’ll finally book that ultimate family holiday.

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Lapland Packing List – Best Clothes to Pack for Lapland with Kids

As soon as we booked our trip of a lifetime to visit Santa in his home in Finland, the next thing on my mind was what we should pack for our family trip to Lapland. For a start, we live in Portugal and we were no longer used to cold temperatures. Nor did we have any proper winter clothing. So, I did some research to find out the best clothes to pack for Lapland with kids and what we should have been bringing in our suitcases. Find out more in this Lapland packing list post.

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