Sunflower Fields in Ireland to Visit with Kids that are Unbelievable

If you are looking to take the kids to see fields of yellow flowers in Ireland, then this post is for you. Discover the best sunflower fields in Ireland to visit with kids that they will absolutely love.

Note: I highly advise you to contact the location before travelling there to ensure they are open.

There is nothing more picturesque than beautiful sunflower fields and kids just love tall, yellow sunflowers. Ireland has a few sunflower fields to visit, both in the Republic and Northern Ireland, so no matter where you are based, you are sure to find something you can visit. And if you know of any other local sunflower fields that have been left off this list, please do let me know so I can add them to share with other families.

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Things to know before visiting a sunflower field in Ireland with kids

There are a few things you should know before planning your visit to see a sunflower field with the kids during the summer.

  • Sunflowers bloom from the middle of summer, through to early autumn, so the best months are between July and September. The optimal month to enjoy local sunflower fields is during August when they are tall and in their best condition, with this period lasting about four weeks. They may start to wilt and lose their height and bloom in September. So, plan for August.
  • Arrive early to the field if you are visiting at the weekend to avoid crowds. Or, arrive later in the evening and stay until sunset if the opening hours allow for the best pictures of the kids in the fields.
  • Ensure you pay your fee (if there is one) before entering the fields.
  • Some sunflower fields are a pick-your-own flower field but do check before entering the field in case you cannot pick the flowers. Ensure the kids are aware of whether it is ok to pick the flowers or not.
  • If the field is a pick-your-own, be considerate of other families and only pick a few if no limit has been advised at the point of payment.
  • If the field is not a pick-your-own-flower field, do not allow children to break the stems or pull at the flowers.

Best Sunflower Fields in Ireland to Visit with Kids

Republic of Ireland

Minmore Sunflower Field, Wicklow

If you are based in, or near, Wicklow, and have been asking yourself “are there sunflower fields for photos near me?” then wonder no more. One of the best sunflower fields in Ireland is located in Shillelagh, a 25-minute drive from Gorey. This 4-acre field of sunflowers is an amazing sunflower field in Ireland to visit with kids and you can even cut your own. Donations for cut-your-own sunflowers are collected for local charities and you can even bring the family pooch so long as they stay on their lead. There is parking available at the site. Bring your scissors and shoes that you don’t mind getting mucky!

You can find more information on their Instagram page, or through the Wicklow Hospice Foundation Facebook page, Visit Wicklow Facebook page, and the Irish Cancer Society often posts about the field on their Facebook page.

Address: Minmore Farm, Shillelagh, Co. Wicklow, Y14 X440

Robin’s Glen, Kilkenny (Not open in 2021)

A great place to take the kids to see sunflowers in Ireland is Robin’s Glen near Glenmore in County Kilkenny. This organic farm produces organic cereal for cattle, poultry, and bird seeds. Their sunflower field is always a hit (if it is a successful year) and you can cut your own flowers.

Find more details about the Robin’s Glen sunflowers on their website.

Address: Robin’s Glen Organic Produce, Robinstown House, Glenmore, Co. Kilkenny, Y34 D925

Kingstown Sunflower Field, Tipperary

Located just 2.5km from the centre of Cashel town, you will find 3-acres of amazing sunflowers. Planted in April, families will love wandering among the sunflowers at Kingstown, taking pictures, and bringing a few home with them. The site operates a donation box in aid of charity, which is supporting both the Irish Cancer Society and National Orthopaedic Hospital Cappagh in 2021. While there is parking at the site, there are no other visitor facilities (you’ll find plenty in Cashel itself). Families are welcome, even with dogs, and don’t forget to tag their Instagram account if you post pictures of your visit.

You can find out more on the Kingstown Facebook page.

Address: Kingstown, Cashel, Co. Tipperary, E25 C432

Kilkenny Sunflower Field

New for 2021 will be a beautiful sunflower field in Callan in County Kilkenny. Acres of fields were planted with sunflower seeds and if successful, this will be one of the best places to see sunflowers in Ireland with kids. It will be a pick-your-own with donations being collected in aid of TaxiWatch, a suicide prevention charity.

Keep an eye on the Facebook page for announcements regarding the opening of the fields and opening hours during July and August.

Address: Callan, Co. Kilkenny

A picture of a young boy crouched down with his back to the camera in a field of sunflowers

Northern Ireland

Portglenone Sunflower Field, Antrim

If you are looking for Northern Ireland sunflowers, Portglenone is where you need to go! Two fields of tall sunflowers of approximately 175,00 flowers await visitors with plenty of space, as well as wildflowers around the edge. There is a path through the fields like a maze which kids will love.

There is a small entrance fee, which in 2021 will be for Bowel Cancer UK. This is a family-friendly site and dogs are welcome on leads. You can also take some freshly cut sunflowers, but you cannot pick your own. There is a path to follow and in 2020 there was a temporary portaloo beside the entrance, but no other facilities, including no on-site parking. Watch children don’t get lost in the tall sunflower fields and make sure to bring any rubbish home with you. And take care coming to/from your car when parking along the country road. Parking is in a field (weather permitting) and roadside.

For details of the sunflower field Portglenone opening times and more, contact them through their Facebook page.

Address: 173 Gortgole R, Ballymena, BT44 8AS, UK

Ardstraw Sunflower Field, Tyrone

The beautiful sunflower field at Ardstraw in County Tyrone is one of the best flower fields in Ireland to visit with kids. This amazing field of sunflowers, planted by a local family, was started as an environmental project but not helps to raise money for local cancer charities in Northern Ireland. This sunflower field is a cut-your-own type field, inviting visitors to come and cut their own for a donation that goes to charity. Go with scissors, wellies, and a camera!

This Facebook page had details of the field and opening times in 2020.

Address: Deerpark Road, Newtownstewart BT78 4LA, UK

Causeway Sunflower Field, Antrim

Another place in Northern Ireland that has great sunflowers to see with kids is the Causeway Sunflower Field in County Antrim. Owned and planted by Archie and Pearl Linnegan, this big sunflower field of over half an acre is a pick-your-own in which visitors can cut their own sunflowers for a donation. All donations are collected for local charities. Make sure to remember your scissors, and wellies if it has been raining!

Details of the field and its season and opening hours can be found on the Facebook page.

Address: 262 Whitepark Road, Bushmills, BT57 8PY, UK

Kenny Gilpin Farm Sunflower Field, Armagh

Another place you could bring the kids to see sunflowers in Northern Ireland is the Kenny Gilpin Farm in Portadown. This is a pick-your-own for donations sunflower field and proceeds in 2020 went to the Portadown Presbyterian Church Building Fund.

Details for the opening of the sunflower field may be posted on the Portadown Facebook page.

Address: 14 Derryall Rd, Craigavon BT62 1PL, UK

A picture of a young girl sniffing a sunflower in a sunflower field

Other places to try and see sunflowers in Ireland

Duleek – There was a sunflower field on the Duleek to Julianstown Road in County Meath, but it is unclear if this is still the case.

Claggan Fruit Farm – This fruit farm, which has strawberry picking, did plant some sunflower seeds this year and they are hoping they will grow. It might be best to get in touch with them before you go to see if the sunflowers were successful. Their address is 116 Highlands Rd, Limavady BT49 9LY.

Facts to know about Sunflowers

  • The scientific word for sunflower is Helianthus, which comes from the Greek words of helios meaning sun and anthus meaning flower.
  • Sunflowers are from the same family of flowers as daisies.
  • There are over 80 species of sunflowers ranging in colour from bright yellow to orange, pink, and tawny red. I never knew there were red sunflowers!
  • Sunflowers can grow to between 20 inches and 16 feet tall. The tallest sunflower recorded was in Germany in 2014 and had a height of 30ft 1inch.
  • Young sunflowers track the sun, moving their heads from east to west during the day before resetting at night. Older sunflowers only face east to get the most of the morning sun.
  • Sunflower seeds are either black or striped. The black ones are used to make sunflower oil that we cook with, while the striped ones are sold as healthy snacks.
  • They are the national flower of Russia and Ukraine.
  • Sunflowers are often used to represent positivity, strength, admiration, and loyalty. In Chinese culture, they represent good luck and lasting happiness.

There are not as many sunflower fields in Ireland as you might think, where you can get some pictures, pick your own and those featured here are among the only sunflower fields in Ireland to visit with kids. You may have to travel to one if the kids really want to see a sunflower field. And remember, if you come across any more sunflower fields that aren’t on this list, please let me know!

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