Flying Business Class With Kids – Should it be allowed?

Browsing Instagram stories recently, I came across one story that completely irked me. I mean, it got my blood boiling. A young travel blogger was complaining about people flying business class with kids and that it shouldn’t be allowed. Nor should kids be allowed to fly first class for that matter according to that blogger. Well, you can just imagine the feelings of rage it ignited in me. Now I will say that we have not had the pleasure of flying business or first class with our son yet, but I live in hope that I can experience turning left instead of right one day on a plane with him.


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If you are wondering can kids fly business class, the answer is yes. Tickets are available to buy for those who can afford it. Flying business class with a toddler, baby or other children is allowed by airlines so long as the tickets are available. There is no rule against it, just to be clear.

Flying Business Class with Kids

Let me tell you the full story.

This young travel blogger, who is under the age of 25 and does not have children, was flying for 15 hours long-haul. They were lucky enough to be in business class, something I have not yet experienced myself. There happened to be a family in business class with two young children, under 5 years of age by all accounts.

The two children were quite noisy during the flight, as some kids are, and the blogger said the parents did nothing to try and quieten them down. The blogger didn’t mention whether this was for the whole flight or part of it, as it was an overnight flight, but I’m sure even the children needed some sleep. Unless they are demons who don’t need sleep. It sometimes happens in fairness.

The blogger in question then proceeded to say that they think children should be banned from business and first class, that they should be confined to economy class and at the rear of the plane. Now, I actually lay blame on the parents here because if their kids were being noisy for the entire flight, they should have made an effort to keep them quiet for the sake of other passengers. We do it with our son if he is ever noisy, and that is very rarely on flights these days. Mostly, it is just reminding him not to kick the seat in front if he’s stretching his legs.

However, to say that all children should be banned from business and first class because of one set of children is incredulous in my opinion. And to be forced to the back of the plane in economy is ludicrous. Why should all parents be forced into this situation because a younger traveller with no kids tars all children with the same brush?

As I’ve said, I do think the parents of those children are to blame but imagine if airlines started listening to passengers complaining about children in their vicinity on planes making too much noise. Families would never be allowed to fly again if some of them had their way. Or if we were, we’d be herded at the back like outcasts, just because we’re travelling with kids.

I was completely outraged by this bloggers comments and part of me wants to say, “Just wait until you have kids”! It really got me wound up, hence my post.

I’ve travelled on planes since I was a baby and have been taking our son on planes since he was eight months old. He has been on at least three return trips a year since then and only twice was he difficult, both times as a toddler under 2 who didn’t want to sit on our laps. Despite this, we never allowed him to scream or cause other passengers any hassles. And we regularly get compliments from passengers about how good he is. Several times as a baby and toddler we’d hear “oh, I didn’t know there was a baby sitting near us, he was so quiet”.

If we were able to fly business, or even first class, I would be booking those tickets in a heartbeat. And I would not apologise for doing so. In my opinion, if a family has the means to afford those tickets, then they should be allowed to travel in those cabins. Those tickets cost a lot of money, believe me I’ve looked at them longingly, so as far as I am concerned those families should fly whatever way they can afford.

I know that I sometimes quietly complained about crying babies or noisy kids before we had our son, or secretly hoped we wouldn’t be sat beside a family while flying away on holiday in younger years. But I categorically never thought families shouldn’t be allowed to fly with children in any particular cabin of the plane, nor did I ever think they should all be confined to the back of the plane.

There is also an argument by some who think there should be designated areas on planes for families, such as the aforementioned back of the plane. I disagree wholeheartedly. If this was a thing, and I hope it never is, our own family would be discriminated against because of this, forced into a part of the plane we hate. We personally prefer to be as close to the front of the plane as possible. And I don’t see why we, with a child who is well travelled and extremely quiet on planes, should be forced to sit somewhere we don’t want to because of a few passengers who can’t drown out the noise of kids with earplugs or some headphones.

I have to admit I was very angry after watching that particular day’s Instagram Story from this blogger and have since unfollowed them. I think it was a very one-sided opinion and something they might later rethink once they have children of their own.

But it got me wondering, does everyone think like this? So, in an effort to calm my seething emotions, I asked my fellow bloggers their opinions on whether they think children should be allowed to fly in business or first class and here is what they had to say.

Flying Business Class With Kids - Yes Or No? Should It Be Allowed?

Photo by Steven Coffey on Unsplash

Flying Business Class with Kids – Yes

Kelly – Kelly Allen Writer : I think children should be able to travel however their parents choose. If a family can afford luxury, then that’s up to them. I’m so tired of this culture of pushing children to one side to suit adults. It’s just so unkind and pretty selfish in my opinion.

Rebecca – My Girls and Me : Personally, if I have worked my way up to be able to afford business or first class for not only myself, but my family I will take them all like that! My successes aren’t just mine, it’s my kids too! They shouldn’t be deprived because of other people.

Jade – Jade’s Long Journey : I think people need to accept that children are going to travel on any form of public transport and if their parents want to pay for them to be in first class, then the other people have to accept that. Very selfish view to think otherwise.

Sarah – Mumzilla : It’s a few hours out of your life. Stick your headphones in and drink your champagne and suck it up.

Lyndsey – Me, Him, The Dog And A Baby : There’s nowhere that says children shouldn’t be allowed in these classes and they have just as much right to be there as anyone else. If someone has a problem with it maybe they need a private jet, so they can travel alone!

Nikki – Yorkshire Wonders : If airlines want to put on an adult only service every so often for the miserable buggers who don’t like kids, that’s absolutely fine with me. I would not want them on the same flight with me anyway. A blanket ban on children? No way.

Helena – Babyfoote : I track prices of flights to certain destinations to try to grab a bargain. Recently it would have been cheaper to fly business than economy, just because of the way the prices had been set. The dates didn’t work for us, but we could have all travelled as a family in business because the airline doesn’t discriminate who they’re selling the tickets to.

Mandi – Big Family Little Adventures : I agree that children should be able to be seated anywhere, but after we travelled on the Eurostar and half my family ended up in business class half at the other end of the train and I saw how some of the passengers spoke to other families (not mine as were older and didn’t really make much noise) I wouldn’t want to subject my children to such rude people!

Éva – Captain Bobcat : My view on this is that if you’re a parent – no noisy children will disturb you ever again. You also can put headphones on and noise is sorted. I do understand, that it can be a little disturbing but try to imagine being a parent of the crying child! Also, with children, you will never ever will be bumped to business or first class so if you paid for it, you most probably belong in the 30% of all the people who actually paid for their more expensive seats.

Geraldine – Geraldine Renton : This made me laugh. What a thing to be going on about, they’re in first class or business and there are kids. OMG stop the press, how upsetting for them. There’s very little to be worried about in their life if that’s even a thing.

Kirsty – Life With Boys : I think anyone wants to pay the money for a first-class seat should be entitled to it. Segregation based on age is not on, although I do think there should be a quiet section of the plane – somewhere people can take solace from screaming babies or on the flip side raving hen do’s.

Beth – Life As Mum : If I pay for first class/business class then I won’t feel guilty if my kids make a noise – put some headphones in, it’s not the end of the world.

Flying Business Class With Kids - Yes Or No? Should It Be Allowed?

Photo by Ahmed Syed on Unsplash

Flying Business Class With Kids – Yes and No

Kate – Ever After With Kids : Part of me feels a bit sorry for anyone who has paid a fortune for business class and is seated with noisy children. But then I wonder if most of the business class passengers are on expensive work trips and haven’t paid for it so should just suck it up.

Rachel – Coffee, Cake, Kids : I’m torn. I’m a parent and obviously I know children do make a noise, especially in a confined space, and if they’ve paid for the seat they have the same rights anyone else has. However, if I was child free, I’d probably get really irritated with it. I don’t know. Maybe there could be a quiet section in first or business class like there is on trains, where children can’t go. I’m not sure but I do see why people get annoyed. We love our own kids and accept it, but not everyone feels the same and they’re allowed to feel that way as well.

Jess – Tantrums To Smiles : I have never been on a plane, so don’t have any experience. However, as a parent myself I wouldn’t take my toddler (age 4) into business class/first class as she really struggles with sitting down and loves to chat to anyone and everyone. I understand that can be annoying and frustrating to others and I appreciate that. However, I would take my 9-year-old in business/first class as he is quite capable of sitting nicely and enjoying a film or occupying himself etc. Perhaps having an age limit would be better than banning all children.

Jade – The Blog Assistant : I think it’s fair enough to not let them travel in business class as long as there is a first class-type section they could use. Not all kids are little buggers when traveling, but as someone that commuted regularly (with the kids), it would be lovely to have an area to sit away from kids as well as an area where it is more acceptable that kids will make noise (like when you get a completely family filled carriage on the train). Yes, we may teach our children to sit and behave, but I’ve been on plenty of journeys where parents don’t care and just let their kids scream, shout, run around etc and as a mother this pees me off, so I’d hate to be working on my commute or flight when this happens.

Emma – Bubbablue and Me : I think it depends. As someone who’s not a fan of children in general (or at least the ones who don’t know how to behave in public places), I’d love to have had the opportunity to not have a child behind me who was kicking the seat despite me asking him not to (more the parents’ fault for not telling him to stop). I don’t think a blanket ban is fair because the majority of children are probably fine – if a child can sit still, not run around and shout/cry all the time, then let them in.

Maybe they shouldn’t let children under a certain age in, or they could do special marks on a passport for kids who’ve behaved on a flight and they can build up good behaviour proof to sit them in business class. Business class is a bit fairer – change it to a quiet zone area, but I don’t think they can stop children going in first class. Having more room for kids is surely going to help them stand more chance of sleeping and behaving.

Flying Business Class With Kids - Yes Or No? Should It Be Allowed?

Photo by Omar Prestwich on Unsplash

Flying Business Class With Kids – No

Janet – Falcondale Life : I’ve no personal experience of business class but my husband flies economy for his work and once or twice he’s been upgraded. His flights are usually scheduled for sleep periods so that his employer can get the maximum amount of working time out of him. He’d love to travel business class as this schedule is so physically and mentally punishing. The sleep quality is so much better in business. That’s what you pay for. Even adults who don’t behave are kicked out of business class so it’s reasonable to expect that a disruptive child would also be removed. It’s a bit difficult mid-flight though!

Kelly-Anne – Mimi, Rose and Me : I do think anyone who pays the money for a first-class seat should be entitled. I think it’s a general consensus that if you pay first class/business class you can make the assumption that it will be quiet and child free. After all, most in these sections are there for work and need to concentrate and won’t be able to do so if there’s a child in there kicking up a fuss. However, there are occasions in which a child will be in first class and in cases like this I do think there should be a small section within first class for those children. Ensuring that everyone in first class has an enjoyable journey.

Jen – Just Average Jen : Nooooooo, don’t let them in, when I am child free (one day I can hope!!) I want to have a proper break from them and not have to listen to anyone playing I-Spy or screaming for sweets whether their parents have money or not!!


So, it seems we have people who agree with me, some who can see both sides of the coin and some who agree with the blogger in question. It’s great to see the different opinions and reasons behind whether children in business class should be allowed.

I completely understand it from a business person’s point of view. My hubby is in the no camp for this reason (until we win the lottery and can afford to fly first-class all the time). But I still stand by my opinion that if you can afford it you should be able to sit in whichever cabin you want, wherever you wish, even with kids in tow. Just keep them well-behaved and as quiet as possible. This goes for economy as well! It also applies to those flying first class with a child!

Are you in the Yes camp, No camp, or somewhere in between? Tell me in the comments below.

Cath x


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19 thoughts on “Flying Business Class With Kids – Should it be allowed?”

  1. I agree with you. Kids should be allowed to fly anywhere. If I had the money I would book us in those seats. If the parents weren’t doing anything to console the kids then that’s wrong. X

  2. I have been flying since I was a child and often unaccompanied and would love to fly business or first class and would not hesitate on booking the kids with me. I think the parents are to blame here, my kids are (mostly) well behaved on planes, but that is because we are prepared and take toys and games with us. The only time we had an issue was when the man in front of us had a go at my husband saying Sebby was kicking his seat – poor Sebby couldn’t even reach his seat which made it a bit awkward, luckily it was only a short flight

    • We’ve been lucky that we’ve never had anyone have a go, but that’s because like you we go prepared and at all costs stop our son causing problems with other passengers.

  3. Thanks for including my comment. There’s some interesting points, and definitely a hard one. If they banned kids, I bet you’d end up with the rich parents in first class and the kids slumming it in economy with a nanny

  4. Interesting debate! I would love to be able to afford business class! And like a couple of people said if I did I a not sure I would want to be sitting next to nosy children, but then again adults can be just as bad!

  5. What an interesting read, I’ve only ever flown economy so I can’t comment on the other areas of a plane but the obligation falls to the parent to help their child understand how to behave when in any confined space. Mich x

  6. It’s a tricky one for me, It isn’t always the way children are brought up, some children react to situations differently and the parents way not know how their children are going to react. I can understand people who aren’t parents yet or who choose not to have children wanting quiet time while travelling, i did to. There isn’t going to be a win win situation with this.

  7. I think it doesn’t matter if the family is in business class or standard class, the parents should be more respectful of others and get their kids to settle a bit more! They have every right to pay that money though to be in business class

  8. Ha, demon children – well you never know. That is shocking though. I think children should be allowed to be seated where ever on a plane. The problem there appears to be with the parents not trying to quieten their children and give them something to distract them so they don’t make so much noise.

  9. I think business class should be for men and women who need peace and quiet as they need to work or prepare themselves for work. First class should be for whoever can afford it no matter what age they are. I don’t fly so not sure if there is a difference between business and first!

  10. Hmmm, business class is a tricky one. I always assumed it was called that because it was intended for business people wanting to get some work done on their flight, so I can see how they would be miffed having kids there. But first class, if you can afford it, should be for anyone. As for a blanket ban on kids or relegating them to the back of the plane, absolutely not. All families should not be made to suffer because of a few parents who can’t control their kids.

  11. OMG this makes me so angry – travel should open your mind and make you more understanding of not only cultures but family dynamics and children fit into that. I don’t see any issue with children or babies flying first or business and if you are able to pay for it then you have just as much right as anyone else! TBH the blogger is just an elitist prick and feels they should be inconvenienced by anyone no worthing including children. I was lucky enough fly business class with my parents on more than one occasion when I was a young child and I know I behaved better because it was more comfortable but that isnt the point, they paid the extra and therefore it’s not anyone else’s problem – MAKES ME SO ANGRY

    Laura x

  12. I fly business class for work and have not yet seen children in them and the few times have flown personally in business still not had such an experience. When I travel economy I have had the experience on a 17-hour flight, it wasn’t pleasant, to be honest, but I wouldn’t ban children regardless.

    • Thanks for your comment Anosa. It’s a shame the parents of such children can’t do more to reduce the disturbance to other passengers. But I’m glad it hasn’t put you off children flying x


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