The 10 Best Pictures To Get in Disneyland Paris With Kids

When planning your family trip to Disneyland Paris, you’ll probably be focusing on where to stay, where to eat and what rides and experiences you should do within the park. But while you are there you are no doubt going to be taking lots of snaps of your kids. So, in this post I’m going to share with you the best pictures to get in Disneyland Paris with kids to ensure you capture those special moments to treasure forever.

The Best Pictures To Get In Disneyland Paris With Kids

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The 10 Best Pictures To Get in Disneyland Paris With Kids

Disneyland Paris is one of the most magical places on earth to visit with kids. Whether you are there for a day or staying longer, it is a must-visit place with kids, especially young kids. We visited Disneyland Paris with our son just before he turned four and we had an amazing time. It took a lot of planning to ensure our first family visit to Disneyland Paris was a success. We researched the best restaurants to eat in at Disneyland Paris, the best rides for young kids at Disneyland Paris and even got some last-minute tips for visiting Disneyland Paris from my fellow bloggers who had been before.

To say it was planned with military precision would be an understatement. We also learned a lot from our trip so that we go next time, it was be as smooth as possible. I shared all our tips for visiting Disneyland Paris with kids before on the blog to help those preparing for their own visits. But one thing I never investigated, other than one exception, was what were the must-get pictures in Disneyland Paris with kids. I knew one I simply had to get but others were a bit hit and miss. So, in case anyone was looking for some Disneyland picture ideas, I thought I would ask my fellow parent travel bloggers to share their tips for those about to go, to ensure they capture the most magical moments possible during their Disneyland Paris trip.  

Where To Get The Best Pictures in Disneyland Paris With Kids

  • A Picture with Mickey Mouse himself.
  • A Picture in front of the castle at Disneyland.
  • A Picture of the kids with the Mickey Earfel Tower in the background.
  • A Picture of your Princess in the Disneyland Hotel.
  • A Picture of your kids in costume with the character.
  • A Picture in front of the PanoraMagique Balloon.
  • A Picture on Main Street with the castle in the background.
  • A Picture of your baby with a Disney Character.
  • A Picture of your Princess in front of Cinderella’s carriage.
  • A Picture with the Walt Disney Studios Mickey Mouse Symbol on the ground.

A Picture with Mickey Mouse himself

No trip to Disneyland Paris with kids would be complete without a picture of them with the main man, Mickey Mouse. It is probably THE Disneyland picture you simply must get if visiting Disneyland Paris with kids. While you might be lucky and bump into him in the park, particularly early in the morning as we did during magic hours, your best chance at getting the best Disneyland photo with Mickey Mouse is to visit him in his indoor house. The queues can be pretty long but, if you are staying in a Disneyland Paris hotel, then you can avail of magic hours and join the much shorter queue to meet him before the park opens to the general public.

We did just that on our last day after finishing off some of the rides in Fantasyland. We joined a small-ish queue and within 45 minutes we were availing of one of the best photo opportunities at Disneyland Paris. Queues later in the day were over 2 hours long, so it pays to go see Mickey in his special house as early as you can.

Beth from Twinderelmo agrees saying

You can’t go and not meet the main man himself! He is an indoor meet and greet all year round too so you’re guaranteed a perfect shot no matter the month/weather.

A Picture in front of the castle at Disneyland

One of the most Instagrammable places in Disneyland is somewhere in front of the castle. It is a focal-point within the Disneyland Park and must feature in your Disneyland pictures. To get the best shot you need to be in the park during magic hours or racing there as soon as the gates open to the public. Any later and you will be capturing many more people in your shot at one of the best Disneyland Paris photo spots.

As we were staying in the Disneyland Hotel during our visit, we availed of magic hours and were in the park before they lifted the ropes to open Fantasyland, the first and only area of the park to open during magic hours. We were incredibly lucky to be at the rope edge and got our shots of the Disneyland castle without anyone else in our pictures. We got shots of both the castle itself and our son in front of the castle without sharing his picture with others. We were in the perfect place for it and I’m so pleased we got into the park early for what we think is one of the best pictures to get in Disneyland Paris with kids.

And Emily from Emily and Indiana agrees.

You’ve got to have a picture in front of the castle! These are best during magic hours as the park is much quieter.

Zoë from My Little Wildlings says

Always at the castle.

A Picture of the kids with the Mickey Earfel Tower in the background

While many people might think the best Disneyland Paris Instagram spots are in the Disney park, you must never forget about the Walt Disney Studios. And one of the most creative pictures to take at Disneyland Paris of your kids is with the Mickey Earfel Tower of the Disney Studios in the background. This is one we forgot to get with our son, but it is a picture we have taken on its own in the past.

However, Alana from Baby Holiday managed to remember to get this picture with her two boys.

We spent so much time in the Studios that a photo with the iconic Mickey Earfel Tower in the background was a must!

A Picture of your Princess in the Disneyland Hotel

If you are visiting Disneyland Paris with your daughter and are treating her to the full Disney Princess treatment, then a magical picture to capture of her after her make-over is a picture within the Disneyland Hotel. Whether you capture her on their iconic sweeping stairs, or somewhere else in this hotel (soon to be refurbished), it will be a Disneyland picture to treasure forever.

Jennifer from My Mummy’s Pennies did just that.

If your child has the princess for a day makeover then a shot of them inside the beautiful Disneyland Hotel is a must!

A Picture of your kids in costume with the character

One of the best things to do in Disneyland Paris with kids is to dress them as one of the characters and to do a meet-and-greet with that character. It’s something I think you can only really get with young kids before they grow past the costume stage. And it’s one of the things I made sure to do with our son. We dressed him as Buzz Lightyear, and I took him to the meet-and-greet in the Walt Disney Studios with Buzz while my husband went to do one of his own rides. And it was perfect, and one of those cute Disneyland pictures I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to get. Buzz himself was really impressed he had a mini me and the pictures we got, both with our Photo Pass and on our own camera, were priceless.

Beccy from Raucous by Nature says

You definitely need a picture of your kid with the character they are dressed up as!

A mini Captain Hook with the character in Disneyland Paris
Mini Captain Cook with the character in Disneyland Paris

Jemma from Have Kids Will Travel UK said

When they dress up as their favourite character and then get to meet them. It also means you get to queue jump specific rides!

A Picture in front of the PanoraMagique Balloon

Something we totally overlooked until our last day in Disneyland Paris was the PanoraMagique balloon. Moored on Lake Disney in the Disney Village, this helium filled sphere offers visitors unique 360-degree views over Disneyland Paris. Weather depending, it can take 30 guests at a time for a 6-minute ride into the air. On a very clear day you can see as far as the Eiffel Tower, some 32 kilometres away. Just note that a ride on this balloon is not included in your Disneyland Paris tickets. But nonetheless, a picture in front of this attraction with your kids is worth it.

Mohammed from Wander Parents suggested this as one of the Disneyland Paris photo opportunities not to be missed when visiting with kids.

A Picture on Main Street with the castle in the background

This was one of the pictures I did not want miss when we visited with our son. Main Street, with the castle in the background, is one of the top Disneyland photo spots and is simply a must when visiting with kids. And there are two you really want to get.

The first one to get is first thing in the morning, during magic hours, when there are less people in the park, so that you ensure there aren’t crowds in your pictures. This will be your day time shot. The other one is last thing at night, well after the fireworks have taken place at the castle. This requires some planning and is most suited to winter time when the fireworks take place around 7pm, especially if visiting with young kids. Most people vacate the park straight after the fireworks have ended. If you hang around, browse the shops and generally waste time, you get the opportunity to sit your kids along the train tracks and get them with the castle lit up behind them, without the crowds in the picture. You might have to take turns with other families, but believe me, it’s worth it.

Jade from A Disney Kinda Day says her top spot for getting the best pictures in Disneyland Paris with kids

Has to be sitting at the end of Main Street taking it all in!

A Picture of your baby with a Disney Character

You don’t have to wait to visit Disneyland Paris until your kids are walking either. Babies are also welcome and some of the best photo opportunities in Disneyland are when a character kindly holds your baby for a photo. It will be a picture to treasure and one to recreate if you revisit Disneyland when they are older.

Jade from The Blog Assistant says

My other favourite is the baby picture, when the characters hold them.

Her daughter was 6 weeks old when she was first held by a Disney Princess.

A Picture of your Princess in front of Cinderella’s carriage

As well as capturing your princess in the Disneyland Hotel, one of the other Disney photos you must get of your daughter after her make-over is in front of Cinderella’s carriage. This is located in the Auberge de Cendrillon Courtyard, near the restaurant of the same name. If you walk through the Castle into Fantasyland, turn immediately right, you will find Cinderella’s carriage, just beside a gate. This is where your very own Disney Princess can imagine she’s just arrived at the ball on that very carriage.

Kerry from Blissful Domestication ensured she got this unmissable picture of her daughter.

A Picture at the Sword and the Stone

Some of the Disneyland Paris best pictures to get with kids involve the Sword and the Stone. Located in Fantasyland near the castle, not only is it an awesome place to capture a magical picture of your kids, with the castle as a backdrop, it also holds one of the secrets of Disneyland Paris. While you’re there, have a go at pulling it out. If you are successful a nearby cast member will crown you. How awesome would that be. We totally missed this opportunity when we visited.

This spot was suggested by Nicole from The Littlest Darlings who said

Sit them on the old sword and the stone and take a picture from down below!

A Picture with the Walt Disney Studios Mickey Mouse Symbol on the ground

At the entrance to the Walt Disney Studios park, you’ll find a Mickey Mouse Symbol on the ground. It is one of the many hidden Mickey’s around the parks. It’s also a great Disneyland Instagram spot to get of your kid’s feet. Why not make it a family affair and get everyone to gather round the Mickey Mouse symbol. I wish I had known about this, or looked down as we entered the Studios park, as I would have purposely stopped for a picture. And if you are regular visitors, why not make it a regular Disneyland image with your kids to watch their feet grow.

Shamaila from Trip Ups and Trips Out suggested this one.

One of the Hidden Mickeys in Walt Disney Studios in Disneyland Paris
A Hidden Mickey in the Walt Disney Studios

I hope this post has given you some photo shoot ideas to capture the memories of visiting Disneyland Paris with your kids. It is by no means an exhaustive list. There are a huge number of places to capture your pictures in Disneyland Paris, including on your favourite rides, with other characters and in your favourite restaurant. But these are what myself and my fellow bloggers think are your must-not-miss places to photograph kids in Disneyland Paris.

The Best Pictures To Get In Disneyland Paris With Kids

So, if you are heading to DLP soon, make sure to remember this list of the 10 best pictures to get in Disneyland Paris with kids. Some could be classed as secret photo spots in Disneyland Paris, while others are most definitely the top Instagrammable spots in Disneyland. You might just need to get into the park early to get the best ones.  

And if there are any that have been missed off the list, please let us know in the comments below!

Cath x


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