Travel Games for Kids (Free Printable with 6 Pages)

Are you taking the kids on a road trip? Or are you jetting away somewhere different for your next vacation? Then don’t leave home without my free printable travel games for kids‘ book. The kids will love it and you might even get a few moments of peace, either on your journey or at your holiday destination.

Why you need my fun Travel Games for Kids printable

Whether you are going camping, on a road trip, or heading off by plane, you are going to need to entertain the kids, both on the journey and while you are on vacation. One of the best ways to provide some screen-free entertainment is with some printable travel games for children.

I have put together a free printable travel games for kids booklet which is just the ticket (if you’ll pardon the pun). Whether you are looking for some road trip travel games, or some kids travel games for a plane journey, my printable booklet will help pass some time.

Even if you are heading off camping and have already gotten hold of my kids camping journal, this activity booklet can even help if the weather turns miserable and you are stuck in a tent!

Make sure to print a copy for each child, and you can even keep them as mementos of a fun family vacation.

A picture of three worksheets from a kids travel games printable workbook

What is inside the Kids Travel Games Printable?

So, what will you find inside my kids travel games? There are 7 free printable travel games sheets which includes 6 pages jam-packed with things to write, draw and record. There is space for your kids to create their very own vehicle, games to help with their mathematics and even a spelling game.

You could even print out multiple copies of the drawing pages if you are going to be road tripping for more than a few days so the kids can create lots of new vehicle ideas. Set the kids a task of drawing something every day to keep them busy. Just don’t forget the pencils and crayons.

You could use a clip board to keep the pages together or place them into a plastic folder to keep them safe, together and dry (in case it rains). And once you get home, bind them together or punch holes in them and store them in a ring-binder.

Free printable Travel Games kids will love

The file is an easy to open free travel games pdf which you can save to your computer or print right away.

Grab the kids travel games here.

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How to use the Travel Games

Print out the sheets in colour, along with copies of any additional pages you might want and keep safe as suggested above. Make sure to print a copy for each of your kids and also print again for more vacation adventures if you go more than once a year.

Additional things you might need

These are additional things you might need for the printed travel games for kids.

  • plastic folder – to keep the journal safe and dry during your trip.
  • Clipboard – another way of keeping the journal together during the trip.
  • Crayola crayons – for those all-important drawings.
  • Headlights – so the kids can fill in their journals at night after a full day of playing and exploring. These are also handy if you are camping.
  • Pencil set – for filling in details and memories from the trip.
  • ring-binder – to keep your kids’ completed activity books together once at home.
  • Office hole punch – for preparing the journals for the ring-binder.
  • Ring-binder separators – to separate out each kids booklets.

Whether you are setting off by car, or by plane, I hope your kids enjoy this travel games for kids printable.

Cath x


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