Pembroke Castle with Kids – How to have an awesome visit

As some of you know, we returned to Wales in the October after we moved to Portugal, to visit our favourite UK staycation place, Bluestone. During our time in West Wales we ventured out of the Bluestone resort and visited a number of places around the area, including Pembroke Castle. Today I am sharing with you our visit and will be including some information to help you enjoy your visit to Pembroke Castle with Kids.

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Visiting Cardiff Castle With Kids – A Dragon Hunting Adventure

Located in the heart of the city, Cardiff Castle is a great place to visit as a family. With lots of areas to explore and some hidden gems, visiting Cardiff Castle with kids is a must if you are in the city. Here is an account of our last visit to this Welsh castle and some hints and tips for your own visit.

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Raglan Castle With Kids – A Dragon Hunting Adventure

A small castle near the town of Abergavenny which is a great place in South Wales to visit with kids is Raglan Castle. Despite being a ruin, there is enough to keep kids interested and entertained and in this post you’ll find out about our visit to it and tips and information to help you enjoy visiting Raglan Castle with kids.

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