11 Amazing Things to Do in Lisbon With Kids

Best Things to Do in Lisbon with Kids

In 2018 we finally started to properly explore our new homeland, with a trip to the northern half of Portugal. We had only ventured north once but thought it was high time we started seeing more of the country. During our trip, we planned to visit Lousa, Nazare and Lisbon. But it got me wondering about things to do in Lisbon with kids, seeing as our son would be with us.

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How to Explore Central Portugal With Kids – A 7 Day Central Portugal Itinerary

Exploring Central Portugal with Kids

When you move to a new country, one of the best ways to get to know it better is to get out exploring. And while we had started to explore the Algarve, the rest of the country had mostly eluded us. We decided to change that and undertook a family holiday in the form of a road trip in Central Portugal at the end of the summer last year. In this post I share with you how to explore Central Portugal with kids from the Algarve. I’m also sharing our 7-day Central Portugal itinerary to help give you some ideas of things to do in Central Portugal with kids, or without.

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Beja Castle With Kids – A Dragon Hunting Adventure


Last June we had a lovely surprise message from a good friend from Wales to say he would be visiting Lisbon with his fiancée and he wondered if it would be possible to meet up with us. We hadn’t seen M in years and were yet to meet his new fiancée, so my husband had a look to see where a halfway point for us would be to meet up. And as it turned out, we got to take our son on a dragon hunting adventure at Beja Castle at the same time. Here is our post about visiting Beja Castle With Kids.

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