Flying Business Class With Kids – Should it be allowed?


Browsing Instagram stories recently, I came across one story that completely irked me. I mean, it got my blood boiling. A young travel blogger was complaining about people flying business class with kids and that it shouldn’t be allowed. Nor should kids be allowed to fly first class for that matter according to that blogger. Well, you can just imagine the feelings of rage it ignited in me. Now I will say that we have not had the pleasure of flying business or first class with our son yet, but I live in hope that I can experience turning left instead of right one day on a plane with him.

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How Travelling Has Changed for Us Since Having Our Son

travelling has changed

Travelling has changed for us since having our son. Before he came along, my hubby and I were keen travellers, although we were rather lazy with our adventures. I think we took it for granted that the world was there, and we could go wherever, whenever. We went on at least two package holidays a year, and had many city breaks in between. But, until our second honeymoon, we never ventured further than Europe.

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Worst Holiday with Kids – Bloggers Tell Us Where and Why

worst holidays with kids

Does going on holidays with your children fill you with excitement or dread? Excitement for the possibilities that lie ahead, or dread of it turning out to be the worst holiday with kids. Yes, sometimes disaster can strike, and there is nothing you can do about it, but often it’s not something we can foresee. For instance, our worst holiday with BattleKid to date is a tossup between our first holiday to Lanzarote with him, and our second.

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Best Holiday with Kids – Bloggers Tell Us Where and Why

best holiday with kids

Holidaying with kids can be a daunting affair for some, and something to relish with others. I’ve heard some parents say they dread holidays with their kids. I know others who wouldn’t dream of not going on holiday with their kids. The best holiday with kids can be surprising ones and the worst can come out of something beyond your control. For us, holidays and BattleKid go hand in hand these days and although we’ve had both good and bad, we wouldn’t change them for the world.

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